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Friday, October 16, 2015

Why Did I Not Watch the Democrat Debate?

I did not watch the democrat debate.

It does not matter what any of them say.  Democrats will vote democrat because they are democrat.  If the candidates are socialist, communist, cons, idiots, murderers, Obama-clones, criminals, traitors to the USA, and/or destitute of moral integrity -- it makes no difference. You cannot talk a democrat out of voting democrat any more than you can talk a pig out of wallowing in slop, a pedophile out of lusting for a child of his choice or a dog from eating its own vomit.  No matter how ridiculous the position of any democratic presidential hopeful, nothing will stop a democrat from voting democrat except a healthy dose of morality and good sense.  That seldom happens and it certainly will not happen during a debate or conversation among democrats.   

Covering that debate and commenting on it is a waste of time.

All that matters for democrats is the democrat platform of taking from those who work and produce and giving free funds and services to those who do not work and do not produce.  That's it!  Everything else is secondary.  As long as that is the democrat platform, nothing else matters including killing babies and selling their body parts, federal crimes committed while in office, the long-term welfare of our Country, the removal of anything godly, our dying economy, open borders causing a slow-takeover of America by our enemies, and disarming American citizens so we are defenseless.

Being a democrat is like being a drug addict in desperate need of a fix and finding oneself alone in the parent's home.  Everything valuable that can be stolen and sold is up for grabs.  Everything of honor and value in America and about America is disposable to democrats for as long as they can enjoy as much of the good life as other people's money will buy them. Every democrat presidential hopeful will steal from American citizens who produce to give to the sloth's of society. Nothing else matters to democrats.  There is not a person on the democrat presidential stage that has one thing of value to contribute to America, one good idea or an ounce of leadership skill. Why listen to their verbal puke, lies and lack of common sense?

Democrats are parasites on America.  Any democrat as president will continue to do great damage to our Country. "Obama has put America in the toilet. Any democrat as President will pull the handle."  A slight variation of a quote from Dorothy George.

What person, in their right mind, cares what any democrat has to say?

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