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Wednesday, December 16, 2015


by Rev. Joda Collins

Islam has been at war with some part or parts of the world for 1,400 years.


For those who have been living in a cave since September 11, 2001 (the Islamic attack on New York's World Trade Centers), that attack brought the war of Islam to America. We have been at war with Islam ever since.  Not that we have not had many attacks against us from Islamists for many years, because we have. However, the bold attack against the World Trade Centers began the process of opening the eyes of Americans to the inherent evils of Islam.

In 1965 when three time world heavyweight boxer Cassius Clay became a Muslim, most of America thought little of it.  Most of us just thought he joined a religious cult in the same way a person would join Jehovah's Witness, Mormons or Christian Science. These are all relatively moral people with a skewed view of spiritual realities. So, we thought Cassius Clay had joined another decent group of religious nuts.  Most of us found it interesting but determined that his new found religion was inconsequential to us.

Since 9/11, much light has been shed on Islam -- the religion that makes a person a Muslim. We have come to understand that Clay did not join a group of decent religious misfits, but a political-religious organization that is more like the Church of Satan and the  KKK in their religion than any offshoot of the Christian norm.  And, more like Hitler and Stalin in their political goals.  What has always been true of the Muslim (Islamist) world became known by those of us willing to investigate it.

We learned:
The Koran was written by one man who was a pedophile, slave owner, sexual pervert, liar and murderer so Islam is a religion of pedophilia, slavery, sexual perversion, lies and murder.

The contradictory content of the Koran that pits a peacefully religion against a political war-machine with the single goal of conquest has, for the Muslim, a built in determinate for which verses serve as authoritative today.  The most recent verses take the place of any earlier verses that stand in contradiction, therefore, the political war-machine calling for the death of all non-Muslims are written most recently and take priority over any and all dictates of being a peaceful religion.

All Muslims are commanded to engage in jihad (the overthrow of all other societies, government systems and countries) in order to establish in all parts of the earth Muslim society and Muslim law ONLY.  The methods of jihad are peaceful (the social and political overthrow of societies/countries by sheer numbers with Muslims outnumbering all others) or brute force (blood-based war).  Each Muslim can participate in either or both methods of jihad and still please his/her god.

Muslim is not a country or a nationality, but the title of those who embrace Islam.

Islam is the enemy of every non-Muslim person/society because Islam demands non-Muslims give up their land, money, culture, political system, judicial system and our lives, at the will of Muslims -- or become Muslims. 

Muslims are authorized by the Koran and encouraged by their leaders and the Koran to lie in order to promote Islam. Lies are designed to provide space and time needed for Islam to conquer; like any disease.

Muslim are only peaceful when peace serves their purpose. The end is always jihad (conquering non-Muslims' land and cultures). 

Islam is a social and political system with religion as their Trojan horse and not a religion with social and political overtones. 
The major goal of Islam is to own and rule the world.  Religion is their first vehicle for this single goal.  Jihad is their second vehicle.  They have no other tools.

Most importantly, we have learned that the religion of Islam is completely self-centered. There is no Golden Rule in Islam.  All non-Muslims deserve death and those who kill non-Muslims are heros of the Islamic faith.  As it  has been so well put, extremist Muslims want to cut off your head.  Moderate Muslims want extreme Muslims to cut off your head.  "Extreme" means jihad by blood-shed.  "Moderate" means jihad by social conquest and the support of extremists. "Extreme" does not mean "bad" and "Moderate" does not mean "good."

Now, here is my point. We are the only generation in the history of mankind to know these things in advance of Islam's full-assault on a culture.  We know these things because of the Internet information highway.  Islam has turned most of the world that the Apostle Paul won to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ to the Muslim political-religion. Now, they have come to America via invitation and provision of Obama and found relatively safe-haven.

Other people, in previous times, did not know what we know about Islam until after they were all but conquered.  They had very little chance of defeating this enemy.  We know in advance what is happening and what is planned for us.  My question is, what are we going to do about it?  More to the point, what am I going to do about it?  Much more to the point, what are YOU going to do about it?

You must understand this.   Islam is a disease and Muslims are the carriers of that disease.  Anything else and everything else is just idle chatter, including the occasional Muslim who is anti-terror or any list of good things some Muslims might do or have done.  Those things are all smoke screens designed to give Islam tolerance, cover, time and space; the four things they need to conquer America (or any other nation).

Islam is the world's school-yard bully.  We have two options.  Placate Muslims now and submit totally later, or retaliate NOW against them, their acts and plans of war.  What will it be?   Islam has declared war on America.  If we do not retaliate, we surrender for a moments peace and for the price of a moments peace we forfeit America and sell our children and grandchildren into Islam in one generation.  Make your decision.  Surrender or war.  Sorry, there are no other options when someone has declared war on you and they are in your house.  

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Rev. Joda Collins
I make no claim that anyone else agrees with my opinions.

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