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Monday, December 7, 2015


IMAGINE (By Carl Gallups - not John Lennon)

Imagine you are living in America a decade ago. One day it is reported on the news that a horde of Jihadi Islamic terrorists have breached your border security zones and are coming to your city.

AND... then you discover that your own elected officials have let them in on purpose! Not only that, but your elected officials have just released violent criminals upon your streets from prison - more than likely so that these violent criminals will vote for them in the next election cycle. What do you do?

A) Disarm the law abiding civilian population - "because a gun might fall into the wrong hands."
B) Institute an extensive and lengthy 'background check' to make sure that any gun sales are not being made to known terrorists and killers that have been deliberately released from prisons and imported into the region by liberals.
C) Limit ammo purchases and ban 'evil looking' rifles because someone might be offended by the terms 'assault, weapon, guns, firearms, defense, self-protection, etc."
D) Quickly hold emergency elections asking liberal politicians to adopt A,B, and C.
E)  Hope that your liberal politicians will abuse their executive powers and skirt the overwhelming will of the people - and simply devise ways to disarm the population against their will.
F)  Expel - Impeach - Imprison those traitor politicians from office! And in the future - VOTE - even if the candidate is not perfect, and remember that ELECTIONS MATTER and have LONG TERM EFFECTS.

If you answered, A,B,C,D or E, you might need to get some immediate emergency help. You could be suffering from the mental illness called liberalism.

- Carl Gallups - (With inspiration from others)


The Secret Service have proven themselves to be inept, untrustworthy, whoremongering, unable to think clearly, and unreliable -
That we, the law abiding and legal citizens of the United States of America, DEMAND THAT THE (apparently inept - and therefore ineligible to own a gun according to the liberals) SECRET SERVICE BE IMMEDIATELY DISARMED and every POTUS who continues to attempt to disarm law-abiding Americans (in any fashion) also be forced to use the disarmed SS for their family's "protection".

Just thinking aloud. Wishing I were King of the USA for just one year.
- Carl Gallups -

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