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Friday, December 4, 2015


Watching TV and hearing "holiday tree, holiday gifts, holiday party, holiday shopping" and "holiday ideas," is nauseating.  Christians have allowed the world take Christ out of Christmas.
Say "Merry Christmas" to everyone. 
The reason Jesus is out of Christmas in the retail world is so non-Christians do not get upset with the retailer for identifying with our celebration of Christ. So, this Christmas, do not buy anything from any store that does not have the word Christmas in their store and/or in their advertising.  When retailers see that those who buy gifts for Christmas will not buy from retailers who leave Christ out of Christmas, they will think twice about placating those who do not buy anything for Christmas.
Money talks! Where we spend our Christmas money supports and molds their advertising!  Most retail stores depend on the Christmas season for the survival.  Hit them in the pocket book where it hurts.  Otherwise, they will not listen.  After one or two poverty-stricken "holiday seasons," I think retailers will find the courage to celebrate Christmas.  It's all about the money for them.
In addition, send a letter to retailers and tell them how much money you did not spend at their store because they promote "holiday shopping" and not Christmas.  On the positive side, be sure to tell the retailers you buy from that you are buying from them because they keep Christ in Christmas. 
Saying "Christmas" is a form of evangelism. That is why they hate Christmas.  They hate Christ!  Now, how can we give them our Christmas money in good conscience?  We cannot. So, do not! 

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Rev. Joda Collins
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