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Monday, December 14, 2015

Trump's Ace In The Hole To Take Down Cruz

By Mike Shoesmith

Ted Cruz, though far behind Donald Trump in national polls, is a close rival in state polls and recently overtook the Donald in Iowa. He is being heralded as a gentleman politician for his refusal to attack Trump during the campaign but the reason for this may be more simple than many realize. He may simply be afraid to unleash the distasteful truth which has been so blatantly swept under the rug and which Donald Trump might use against him to that end successfully, at least with respect to the hearts and minds of Americans who are tired of shallow, shady (albeit charismatic), personalities whose allegiance to country is anything but several generations deep without the usual ties to establishment politics and communist dictators from countries like Cuba.

In March of this year Ted Cruz was interviewed by Sean Hannity and when asked about the immigration problem in America Cruz responded with "we are a melting pot [...] I am a Cuban-Irish-Italian, b___, raised in Texas [...]" What he was about to say when he began with "b___" is obvious and it is equally obvious why he stopped himself. So please allow me to fill in the blanks. What he would have said if he had chosen to finish that sentence is...

"I am a Cuban-Irish-Italian, BORN IN CANADA, raised in Texas [...]"

And Ted Cruz knows this is a problem for his campaign. For many Americans this is a constitutional problem; a real game-changer. The natural born citizen clause in the US constitution prohibits those who are not natural born citizens from being President or Vice-president. And if Donald Trump were to do something as simple as drape an enlarged print of Ted Cruz' birth certificate over the front of the podium at the next debate, it may be a bridge too far for many Americans to vote for a man with a Canadian birth certificate and Canadian citizenship which he only recently renounced.

Additionally, it is scary to think that so many Americans, including Cruz himself, are willing to accept the death of the long-standing constitutional policy of weeding out foreign entanglements - the driving force behind the inclusion of the natural born citizen clause. An AMERICAN citizen, born on AMERICAN soil with an AMERICAN birth certificate with two AMERICAN parents. It's not rocket science folks! If Ted really does care for his adopted country he would bow out and seek to restore the seriousness of the office instead of further opening the door to foreign interference.

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  1. I think you are mistaken on one point. You don't have to be born inside the country. If BOTH parents are US citizens their children are Natural born no matter where the birth takes place. It's my understanding that the Supreme Court has never ruled on it, but murder was murder before the Supreme court wuled on it wasn't it?

    1. Mark. Thanks for reading and commenting. Ted Cruz' father was a citizen of Cuba at the time of Ted's birth. Ted is a legal citizen - BUT he is NOT Natural Born. There is the difference.

  2. The Constitution does not define natural born citizen. When we look to common law, it says if one of your parents is a citizen, you are a citizen regardless of place of birth. Based on this, Cruz clearly qualifies. The fact that Trump is not making an issue of this shows that Trump knows Cruz is eligible to be President.

    1. Anon - thanks for your comment. You might be a citizen regardless of place of birth - and Cruz is definetly a legal citizen - we have never questioned that. BUT - he is NOT a natural born citizen. For THAT one would have to be born to two citizen parents at the time of birth (See Senate Resolution 511 - by which we ran two presidential election and it has never been questioned by the SCOTUS or CONGRESS.)