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Friday, December 11, 2015

Zullo Update Today! Avi Lipkin Live Appearance. Larry Klayman NEXT FRIDAY!


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TODAY - MIKE ZULLO - Carl has been on the phone with Mike Zullo today. Carl will have the very latest update and insight into the ongoing Arpaio Federal case as well as the Birth Certificate investigation. Carl will be discussing this topic throughout the show.

TODAY - AVI LIPKINAvi is a former IDS officer and his wife, Rachel, works for Israeli Intelligence Services. Avi is the one who came on Freedom Friday back in 2011 and predicted that Obama was going to create a refugee crisis in the Middle East and then start importing hundreds of thousands of Muslims into the USA in a Trojan Horse operation.  Now, his prediction is coming true right before our eyes.  We will talk to him about it!

NEXT FRIDAY - LARRY KLAYMAN - Attorney in the Zullo/B.C./ Dennis Montgomery case - Larry will be on Freedom Friday next Friday (Dec. 18th) to give the very latest inside scoop on case details. This will be an EXCLUSIVE interview to Freedom Friday With Carl Gallups.

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