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Saturday, February 13, 2016


There is no Republican viable plan for universal health care because there is no such thing as universal health care. "Universal" means everyone gets it and if everyone gets it, some will get it for free.  That is problem one.  There is no such thing as universal free money. 
"Health" is the second problem.  Most people do not want health care. They want sickness resolution.  They want to eat, drink, live and play the way they want to (unhealthy) and when their bad life choices make them sick they want someone else to make them well again at no charge. That is the second problem with, so called, universal health care.
There third problem is the word "care."  With almost no exception those who promote universal  health care could not care less about your health.  The word "care" goes with "universal health" like the words "outer space" goes with the words "deep-sea diving."  Democrats promote Universal Health Care for one reason and one reason only.  That reason is control. Once the government is in complete control of the health care business, the government can tell you what to eat, when to eat it and how much to of it to eat.  They own you as long as they own the power to give you hope for health recovery or withhold that hope.
By enlarge, those who promote Universal Health Care do not care about you, your health or your life. If they did they would not sanction the killing of babies and the selling of their body parts.  They would be talking about euthanasia for senior citizens.  They would not set in motion an overtaking of the private health market (Obamacare) in order to provide fewer medical options for greater expense.  They would not dismantle the best health care system in the world to replace it with a full-socialistic medical system. People come to America for the best of the best medical provision.  They would not be stripping health care of funding.
When someone controls your health care, they control a big part of you.  Obamacare is about controlling you.  The health care system constitutes one-sixth of the financial business of America. When someone controls health care they are in control of one sixth of the finances of America.  Socialism is about the control of society.  One mandate for socialism is government control of the dispensing of health care services.  Democrats are socialist.  Two devoted socialist-democrats are running for President of the USA!  Socialists want social control. That is all they want and they will do anything to get it, including destroying America.  Every democrat should be hung for treason (I exaggerate, slightly) because socialism is an assault against the Constitution of the United States of America. 
There is no system whereby everyone can get quality health care just like there is no system whereby everyone can live in a mansion, drive a new car, get a college education, have a high paying job or be handsome or pretty.  That is pie in the sky thinking.  There is no such thing as everyone having the best of everything, including heath care.  We live in an imperfect world.  With the proclamation of excellent health care as a human right, the left (democrats and rino-republicans) have taken more control of you.  Life isn't fair. Get used to it or perish like a fool looking for it. Grow up. No one owes you anything.  Do the best you can for yourself and your fellow man.  That is all that can be expected.  The government will not do better than the combined generosity of society (private business/capitalism/free-market system).  Everything the federal government touches eventually turns to dung, including your heath care.  It will not take long. It is already happening.
The fall of America is directly caused by the Congress that is doing nothing while Obama hammers away at what is good and godly about our Country.  I pray God stops Obama. I pray God curses (damns) Congress -- not Americans.  The angry fist of God is falling (Matthew 18:6).  Please let it fall on the Obama administration and Congress and not on us.  Amen.
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