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Monday, February 29, 2016


Donald Trump is leading the Republican race for the White House because he is a fighter and we (non-Democrats) have been abused by Obama, Democrats and Rino-Republicans for so long that we want someone to represent us who is a fighter. 

I have not watch a single minute of the Democrat or Republican debates. I will not watch the back and forth between Hillary and Bernie or Blarney or whatever his name is because I have no interest in listening to intellectually-inferior morally-bankrupt people. Hillary's voice grates on my nerves and the other dope drips with stupidity.  I do not have to listen to Republicans because my major concerns are issue oriented not personality.  I am not looking for a best friend. I am looking for someone who has some decent morals, a fighter, and has the best interest of America at heart.

The issues are, border security, homeland security, immigration, identifying Islam as a dangerous threat to America, abortion, the military, respect for law and order/police, prosecution of Obama and others in the Obama administration who have and are breaking our laws, and Obamacare.

BORDER SECURITY: Build the wall and shoot dead anyone caught going over or under it when their feet touch our soil. 

HOMELAND SECURITY: Hunt down, arrest and prosecute those who are threats to the security of America and our Constitution. 

IMMIGRATION:  Delete everything Obama has done to immigration law or habit. Return to the immigration laws of pro-Obama and enforce those laws.

IDENTIFY ISLAM AS A DANGER TO AMERICA:  Islam is a philosophy of conquest. The laws of Islam are contrary to our laws.  Break our laws in the name of Islam and go to jail or get deported.  No safe haven in America for Islam or Islamists.  Make it a crime to support Islamists in the same way that it is a crime to provide aid to the enemy. It is the same.

ABORTION:  Abortion as a form of birth control is murder.  It is immoral. Make it illegal; a crime punishable by death. 

THE MILITARY: Restore our military might because without the power to enforce, we lose the power to successfully engage in diplomatic solutions; we become targets and beggars on the world stage.

RESPECT FOR LAW AND ORDER/POLICE:  Killing a policeman becomes a capitol crime THAT WE ENFORCE!   Attacking a policeman is automatically punishable by one-year in prison. Resisting arrest is an automatic 90-day jail sentence.

PROSECUTION OF OBAMA AND THOSE IN THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION:  The list of their crimes are long.  Prosecute them immediately.

OBAMACARE:  Repeal every word of it, ask me what to do about health care and I will tell you. It is easy!

There is absolutely no need for debate after debate and throwing accusations around that the Democrats will parrot to our demise after we select the Republican to run for Office. It is foolish to spend hour after hour bashing one another as if the presidential debates should be about personality.  Debate issues not personality.  Within the debate of issues, personality will emerge.

These truths should not be that hard to grasp.  Are Republicans as dumb as the Democrats?  It appears most are.  God help us!

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Rev. Joda Collins
I make no claim that anyone else agrees with my opinions.

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