Zev Porat

Sunday, March 6, 2016


Obama promised he would "stand with" (support and promote) "Muslims" (the spread of Islam).  He has kept his word on this.  The Muslim (Islamic) problem has increased greatly abroad and Obama has brought thousands upon thousands of Muslims (Islamists) into our Country to spread their hate among and against us.  For those who have lived under a rock for the last seven years and for Democrats too dull of understanding to grasp the realities of Obama's pledge to spread Islam, be advised that Islam is a political movement of conquering all lands under the guise of religion.  According to Islam, you (a non-Muslim) are required to give all you own, all you are and all you have (including your family) to any Muslim who wants your possessions, wealth, wife, sons and/or daughters. 

Hillary has been a big asset as has most of Congress for seven consecutive years supporting Obama in his quest to turn America in to an Islamic nation. Those who once doubted that Obama was pro-Islam and anti-American cannot have any valid doubts now.

If any Democrat or rino-Republican (Republican in name, Democrat at heart) is elected President, you can be sure more executive orders will follow that will more quickly turn America into a Islamic nation.  Elect and Democrat or a rino-Republican you are promoting the Muslim rape of your wife and daughters, the fall of American liberties, the confiscation of your possessions including your home.  Ask the Syrian refuges if these things are not true. Democrats and rino-Republicans are easy to identify. They are for open borders.  The evidence they are for open borders is that they do not want build a wall to protect our borders NOW. 

Among America's enemies are Democrats, rino-Republicans and anyone else who does not stand against Islam.   They are aiding and abetting the Islamists.  Islamists have declared war on America, therefore, they ARE the enemy.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ED04lMCtTNM.
The democratic way to aid and abet the enemy (Islam) is to vote for a presidential candiate who does not want to build a wall to protect our southern border NOW.  
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Rev. Joda Collins
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