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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Liberals Prefer Cruz to Trump

The liberal's first choice is Rubio and second, Kasich.  Cruz is the liberal's third choice of many liberals because liberals do not think Cruz can beat a woman.  However, if he does many liberals think Cruz will end up much like a RINO-Republican when in Office, therefore less effective at saving America from socialism and Islam compared to Trump
(http://www.vox.com/2016/3/14/11217420/liberal-case-for-ted-cruz).  Given our political enemy likes him more than Trump should Cruz be the Conservative's choice?

Second, the liberals are very upset (attacking and killing upset) about Trump being in the lead.  I doubt they would be that upset if Cruz was in the lead.  Given that fact, should conservatives be voting in accord with Democrat hopes? 

To date, Cruz (as far as I know) has not addressed the elephant in the room regarding him not being a natural-born citizen (http://www.ppsimmons.blogspot.com/2016/02/smoking-gun-ted-cruz-was-not-american.html) and that may be because the date of his US citizenship is post-birth!!!  What other reason could there be for his silence?  Are you ready for the Republican candidate to be exposed to the same accusations that Obama was charged with and is guilty of?  When and if it is learned that Cruz does not qualify to be President because he is not a natural-born citizen of the USA, will you join the Obama-like bandwagon and say,"It does not matter!"?
  Withholding proof or not dealing openly and honestly about proof of citizenship at birth is too Obama-like for me.
HilLIARy is a vicious and evil person.  The body count is high and climbing.  Cruz is not vicious.  If it was a dog fight and I was a betting man (which I am not), I would bet on HilLIARy to fight to the other dog's death. Trump is vicious but not a murderer (thankfully).   If it was a dog fight between HilLIARy and Trump,  I would bet on Trump to fight to the other dog's loss or surrender. This race for the White House between Republican and Democrat will be a dog fight.  Trump will fight HilLIARy like a man fights a man; with a vengeance.  Cruz will fight HilLIARy like a man fights a woman; with soft gloves.  HilLIARy is more like a man than a woman.   She looks more natural in pants than a dress. She laughs  like a man, talks like a man (her grinding on your nerves voice is her attempt to sound manly), she seems to be sexually attracted to women like a man (so some evidence supports), she is pro-homosexuality as one would expect a lesbian to be, and she wants to rule like a man.  Obviously, her husband prefers other women. And, Slick Willy seeks the position normally held by the first lady.  Unless the Republican nominee fights her like a man, he will lose to her.

Groves of moderate democrats are voting for Trump who would probably not vote for Cruz.   Should we support Cruz and forfeit those votes? 

When more evidence gets out about illegal voting (dead people voting Democrat, Democrats voting two and three times for HilLIARy, rigged voting machines and dishonest Democrat voting poll authorities), Cruz will remain silent or whisper about it and Trump will scream and yell about it.  Shall we be silent or whimper when the Democrats try to steal the presidency again?

Cruz blames Trump for the violence around Trump meetings, even when he knows the violence is traced back to Islamists and Democrats.  Shall we vote for a guy who would rather blame a Republican (one of his own) for the violence of devout Muslims and Democrats rather than blame the guilty? 
I was a Cruz guy until I heard Cruz blame Trump for the violence at Trump rallies.  Attacking the innocent and letting the guilty go free of accusation is too Obama-like for me.
Trump voices the anger of godly American and patriotic Americans.  Cruz's voice is disapproving, but he is not angry.  Should we vote for the person who is less emotional about America being raped by Islamists and Democrats or the person who is angry because of the long-standing and constant abuse. 
  I detest Obama.  I guess I will vote for Trump because Trump is less like Obama than Cruz.

Cruz is a politician, a lawyer and a player.  Trump is a businessman, a money maker and more of a political outsider.  Who would be better in the Oval Office? 

Cruz is politically smarter.  Trump is politically braver.  A point for Cruz.  However, either one is a thousand times better than HiLIARy; but which one is the best choice for America?

I hope Trump picks Supreme Court judges who are Constitutionalists and anti-abortion.  Those are my only concerns.  If I learn that he will not select Constitutionalists and will not select anti-abortion Supreme Court judges, then I say vote for Cruz. 

Finally, but very important, Obama seems to have a hate for Trump that exceeds his hate for Cruz.  Whatever Obama, America's single most powerful political enemy, hates most has to be the best for America.  Second, If I judge happenings correctly, Islamists hate Trump more than they hate Cruz.  The person most hated by our single most powerful cultural enemy (Islam) should be our choice for leadership. 

If a Democrat gets in the White House it is goodbye America.  Everyone knows that, including Democrats.  So, more importantly than being for or against Trump or Cruz, is the decision to vote for the winner between them when it is time to stand up, show up and vote in the most important election of our lifetime to date.

I will vote for Trump if he is the Republican winner. I will vote for Cruz if he is the winner. I refuse to say a single word negative about either one of them, once the man for the Republican presidential candidate is selected.  Like I said, either one is light-years better than HilLIARy.  It really is a choice between good and evil in the final vote. It is a choice between the best of the best in the Republican primaries.  How would you like to be a Democrat who has only two huge losers to select from?;  the least worse of the worst.  Yikes!   

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Rev. Joda Collins
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