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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Media Already Attacking Trump as a Birther! But...

We bet the MEDIA forgot THIS!
Hillary Clinton and Chris Matthews were the FIRST BIRTHERS!
HERE'S THE PROOF - See for yourself!



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  1. Hillary is an in-law on my mother's side. Florence (Hunt( Hardy is one who took Pres Obama's mother to Forbes air force base and was there when he was born in TOPEKA KS. And I am the one not believed over her. wen SHE KNOWS and I have been called the liar for telling the truth as an eye witness. Even by those who say they wish to know the truth. I have never been about politics but for justice for three who died in the Kansas River in 3/61, One of whom was the president' dad, Jim T Parks who was lynched by the racist hooded death squad that terrorized Topeka even to more recently playing games of 'HIDE THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE OF THE PRESDIENT.; and mysterious fires where other records would be. usually WHEN I POST THE TRUTH HERE ITS DELETED. as HILLARY'S LIES HAVE BEEN ACCEPTED OVER THE TRUTH AS AN EYEWITNESS. Now that the truth is finally surfacing, can we have some justice for 3 who died and a cover up to this day. People are scared in Topeka and why I want4ed a neutral third party to speak to them privately as anyone who share the truth is dissed big time. Thanks for at least reading this even if you do delte it and I will link the article to my own site and refer to my comment as I always do and then my readers cannot find it. Time to recognize the truth is about a young teenage couple who, after dating for a couple of years got pregnant and aat down to decide what to do she 15, he 16 and all the racist hatred toward the inspiration of Rosa Parks got directed to a young man of her extended family and unborn son and girlfriend. And no justice to this day..even his picture is pasted over in the 1961 Topeka HS yearbook as if he had never lived. Whose last act was to lay down his life to save the life of his unborn son and his mother who got away, ran for help and 3 ended up dead. I pray you will now help get the whole truth out. As Hillary is not the only one who has been in the inner circle around POTUS lying to him about this by omission and what else? My efforts to get through to my 3rd cousin whom I have not seen in over 20 years not successful and did not know his grandmother's orders for him to not know the truth of his birth continued. past 1/71 when I faced her wrath to stop me from saying anything to him. Thanks for the article. Linda Joy Adams