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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Why Trump's Primary Fight Isn't Over

By Mike Shoesmith

Before literally punching and elbowing his wife in the face on stage Ted Cruz made the totally unexpected decision to bow out of the race for the 2016 republican nomination quickly followed by John Kasich who's performance throughout more closely resembled an audition to take over for Garrison Keiler of Prairie Home Companion fame than a run for POTUS.

And then there was one, namely Donald J Trump - the last man standing... but wait! He still needs hundreds more delegates to actually clinche the nomination. And more states remain to be won. Let's examine the possibilities here.

Ben Carson, who suspended his campaign and had actually endorsed Donald Trump prior to the New York primary beat out Ted Cruz in one New York district. A man who was not even running beat Ted Cruz who was in full steam no holds barred campaign mode. Now with that in mind consider this: Donald Trump is not the only name that will be on the ballots in the remaining primary states. Ted Cruz's name will also be present.

Now this is pure speculation on my part but what if, since 1237 delegates are required to actually seal the primary win, Donald Trump fails to reach that number by July? And what if, and it's a big if, several of the candidates who only "suspended" and never actually, literally dropped out were to appear at the convention and make the case that "hey wait a minute! Donald Trump has NOT won the nomination. We CONTEST!"

In fact, with the political jockeying we have witnessed from the Cruz camp, first lying (then saying "oops sorry") about Ben Carson dropping out in Iowa, then lying some more, then choosing a VP pick with little hope of actually winning to making conspiratorial deals with Kasich to (deep breath) you get the picture. Would anyone be that surprised if this whole campaign suspension is merely a ploy to save money and allow Hillary to go after Trump until the California and New Jersey primaries? And would anyone  be surprised at this point to see a contested convention in July if Trump fails to get 1237 delegates? Even with Trump being the only one in the public running you can be sure there are those who are waiting to pounce if just such a scenario were to happen and have their finger on the trigger to reanimate their campaign machines.

This why I am telling all of my friends in the remaining primary states to please, get out and vote! Let's put this thing to bed once and for all so Americans can breathe and America can be great again.

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  1. Exactly! 'Suspended!' is the key word. There is no doubt as to the fact that the Republican Establishment Leadership faction have a strategy with which they plan to take the nomination away from Donald Trump.