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Thursday, May 5, 2016

TARGET TARGET by Rev. Joda Collins

Abortion started as the woman's right to kill the child in order to save the mother's life.  Now, abortionists are killing children after they exit the womb.  It is the nature of evil people to move from a lesser evil to ever greater evils unless they are stopped. 

Someone claims they were born the wrong gender. They go through a sex change operation and use the restroom that is in accord with their appearance and cosmetic genitalia.  Okay. The person is mentally-ill and emotionally-disturbed, but so be it. 

Someone claims they were born the wrong gender. They keep their sexual parts and dress up like the opposite sex (transvestite).  They look like the opposite gender, slither into the other restroom looking like the opposite sex and pretend they are the opposite sex while using the restroom.  Okay. Still, they are mentally-ill and emotionally-disturbed, but so be it.

Target announces that any gender can use any restroom he or she wants to.  "Women's Restroom.  Males Welcome."

Somewhere decent people have to draw the line.  If we let this pass without putting Target out of business, then the next thing on this slippery slope is to blame women and girls for being raped in the women's restroom. (Muslims already blame the rape victim and Democrats remain silent about it.)   This is not just about open restrooms.   Next, any place that has women and girls in a state of undress such as in showers and locker rooms will be open to males by law including the high school girls showers!  The degree of evil conceived by evil people is a bottomless pit.

The problem is that Target has a lot of things to buy that might be hard or impossible to find other places, their stores are well-lit, air conditioned, comfortable, bright and their employees are friendly.  Plus, many Target's have Starbucks and a lot of people are hooked on Starbucks. 

Are we, as Americans, to the place where we will not stand up for what is right because of convenience, bright lights, friendly smiles and coffee?  I hope not. There is a lot to forfeit if we forfeit this cause.  Target is the first store to openly invite any man to enter any women's restroom.  Put them out of business or put the women of America, including those of your household naked in front of perverts.  That choice is yours.  The window of opportunity to put a stop to "open restrooms" is a small one.  It is now or never.  Some other company will arise to fill the void that an out-of-business Target leaves.  However, you can be assured, they will not have an open restroom policy!  Starbucks is anti-Christian (immoral) also.  We get to kill two dirty birds with one stone.

Now is the time to target Target.  Put them out of business or what is already bad will get much worse and it will be your fault.  Money talks.  Withholding money is a potent weapon!  If prayer alone was the answer, there would be no abortion on demand, no Muslims, no Koran, no rape and so on.   We are called to action and prayer. Do your part.  Keep your money away from Target!  NOW!
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Rev. Joda Collins
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I make no claim that anyone else agrees with my opinions.

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