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Thursday, August 18, 2016


by Rev. Joda Collins

People are often shocked and/or confused about the political landscape.

The ignorant (those unaware of pertinent realities for reasons other than lack of ability to understand) and the mentally-challenged (those who lack of ability to understand pertinent realities) cannot understand politics.  Everyone else can make good judgments about politics.  It is easy once the premises of the wicked and traitors are understood. 
The Democrats and RINOs (Republicans In Name Only, but Democrats at heart) have several premises. They are:
     1.  America is and/or has always been a bad nation.  Democrats and RINOs need to change it by making America less powerful and less effective on the world stage. 
     2.  Morality is subjective.  There is no basis for right or wrong other than opinion.
     3.  Americans are too stupid to run our own lives and need government bureaucrats who are Democrats or RINOs to tell us what to do, when, where and how to do it.
     4.  The more power (control) the federal government has over States and individuals, the better -- because power equals money. 
     5.  Strain out gnats and force feed camels to Americans.
Items one through four have received a lot of press and verbiage from intelligent people, but item five has not. 
Jesus said to the religious leaders of his day, "You blind guides!  You strain out a gnat but swallow a camel." Matthew 24:23. NIV.  

A camel is large compared to a gnat, therefore, harder to swallow whole.  Jesus is using hyperbole (a severe exaggeration for the purpose of emphasis, such as "when hell freezes over").  In addition, Jesus is making the point that to swallow a camel (if it were possible) or to eat a camel (possible) would be wrong/sin.  (Leviticus 11:4).

What he meant by "you strain out a gnat but swallow a camel" is the religious leaders emphasized minor issues as if the minor issues were very important and required excessive attention while the major, grave and/or great issues could and should continue unchecked, unattended and ignored. 
Why would they do such a thing?  Jesus said they were blind! That means they lacked the ability to understand the error of their ways. To have a normal IQ and think that way requires, in my opinion, the influence of demonic forces to make them think and act that dumb.

Dumb people will swallow a camel in order to keep from swallowing a gnat or as I like to say it, they will cheerfully swallow a filthy camel but gag on an insignificant gnat.  Manipulators use this technique all of the time, over and over again against dumb people.

For example:
One tenth of one percent of policemen abuse their authority on occasion (that is the gnat), therefore, most police officers are terrible/untrustworthy (that is the camel).  This means we need federal oversight (a national police force) to police the local police (another camel).
A very small percentage of people misuse a firearm (the gnat), therefore, you or I should not be allowed to own a gun for self-defense or for protection against an overly aggressive government (the camel).  The real goal is to disarm law-abiding citizens so government can take over more control (another camel).  

A minuscule percentage of Muslims are good people who do not want to follow the dictates of the Koran which calls for the torture and death of all non-Muslims (gnat), therefore, Islam is a religion of peace (camel).  Muslims are buying politicians. 
All white people owe all black people money (camel) because some white people had black slaves 100 years ago (gnat). The real goal is civil unrest which the government will use as a reason to take more control away from individuals, cities and states (camel).
The US Constitution is old, was created by (some) slave-owners, and has been amended (gnats), therefore, the US Constitution is worthless and should be ignored (camel).  The real goal is to "fundamentally-change" America by destroying the authority of our founding documents (camel).  See https://www.congress.gov/founding-documents.
Capitalism is not perfect (gnat), therefore, socialism is better (camel).  The real goal is direct and total government control of all commerce and assets (camel) and, eventually, outlawing the ownership of private property (camel). 

HiLIARy Rotten Clinton has said and done some dumb things (haven't we all), but she should be excused (gnat).  However, everything Donald Trump says can be taken out of context to an illogical extreme and he should be held accountable for the illogical extreme (camel). See  http://townhall.com/columnists/johnhawkins/2015/06/16/draft-n2012995.  Donald Trump gets excited and sometime says things that could be said better (gnat), therefore, he is dangerous and cannot be trusted to be President of the USA (camel). The real goal is the destruction of the two-party system so Democrats can control the political process 100% (camel).

One tenth of one percent of Americans are confused about their gender (the so-called "transgender").  This is the gnat.  Therefore, women and little girls must use the same restroom as men and school girls must shower with males if they (men and boys) say they feel like a woman or a girl at any given time; the camel.  The real goal is destroying morality because an immoral people are easier to control (camel). 

Got it!?  Now that you have it, you will see this method implemented by Democrats, RINO's and the mainstream media day after day, all day long.  It takes a reasonably informed individual with an IQ of about 100 not to be swayed by this age old technique of misdirection and destruction.  Sadly, in our dumb-down society, there are fewer and fewer informed people.  When the camel eaters (dumb), the wicked, the dead, those who vote more than one time and the voting locations overseen by Democrats only outnumber the wise at the voting booth --Democrats are elected.  

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Rev. Joda Collins
I make no claim that anyone else agrees with my opinions.

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  1. Great Joda!
    Thanks for"DO"ing (Psalm 11:3).
    Pray churches will repent and rebuke dnc aka evil.
    For evil to prosper none dare call it evil.
    IMPEACH EVIL IMPEACH soetoro/obama et al complicits.
    here's how- www.soarproject.us