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Wednesday, August 31, 2016


by Rev. Joda Collins

Jesus had long hair because long hair is a shame to a man. Jesus wanted to live in shame and bring shame to his heavenly Father, earthy father and mother, to all those who followed him during his earthly life and all who would follow him after including, if not especially, you. 

"...if a man have long hair, it is a shame unto him?" 1 Corinthians 11:14.
Jesus had longer hair because he always lived as close to sinning as he could without actually sinning.   He kept his hair 1/4th of one inch just short of what most people would call too long for a man. Therefore, true to his nature he lived in the gray area just between outright rebellion against God and not quite sinning.  That way he could always justify himself to those who did not realize he had 1/4th of an inch to go before he was outright sinning.  And, he could be legally critical of those who accused him of giving an appearance of wrong/evil (shame).   Jesus loved living in the shadow of sin and debating with others how living in the shadow of sin was his right. Or, it could be that Jesus, true to the charges against him then, since and now as an extremist, had hair down to the ground. 

Jesus had long hair because the Apostle Paul (an eye witness to Jesus) wrote 1 Corinthians 11:14 as an indictment against Jesus knowing that because Jesus violated decency, He could not be the sinless offering.

Jesus had long hair because he was effeminate and wanted the world to know that sweetness, kindness, and softness is what a man should be; sugar and spice and everything nice.  Obviously, he had long hair so that in these days of speaking of transvestites, transgenders and confusion of the gender identity, he can stand out as one of those.  Jesus' secret desire was to be another Bruce Jenner!  

In our modern pictures, the Pharisees always have short hair and Jesus has long hair. Obviously, the Pharisees were holy and Jesus was shameful.  

Are these the things you believe about Jesus?

I believe Jesus had short hair because he was sinless and did not live life in a manner to shame himself, his Father or his followers.  He did not live on the edge of sin, but in the center of holiness as far from sin as far can be. The Apostle Paul, in writing 1 Corinthians 11:14 did not have Jesus as his example of a long-haired man.  And, every attempt, past, present and future to link Jesus to any form of radical feminism or sexual perversion is demonic. 

Throw away your pictures of a long-haired Jesus no matter who gave them to you or donated them to your church.  Destroy your church stained glass window of a hippie-looking Jesus no matter how much it cost to create it, who you will offend in the church by removing it, how pretty he is or how much it costs to replace the window. Such expressions of Jesus are shameful and grieve the Holy Spirit (Ephesians 4:30).  Stop justifying long hair on a man just because some man in your family, church or circle of friends has it. People who love Jesus will thank you and respect you.  Others will not but who cares. We do not have to be nasty, hostile or demeaning to others who prefer visual expressions of a long-haired Jesus. Just don't be silent about it, do not justify it and do not permit it where you have say, influence or authority.

Choose this day whom you will honor. 

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Rev. Joda Collins
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