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Saturday, September 3, 2016


by Rev. Joda Collins

The most recent Crooked HiLIARy Rotten Clinton negative ad regarding Donald Trump insinuates that Donald Trump is incapable of leading America.  The ad usees a few over the top comments from Donald Trump as evidence. It ends with "All it takes is one wrong move. Just one!"  The implication is that if Donald Trump, if elected President, makes one wrong move  --  America is finished, over, ka-putt!  Wrong! 

Hillary Clinton Liar

If all it took was one wrong move to destroy America the Obama-Biden-Clinton combination would have ended America in the first month of Obama's kingly reign and at least once every month since. 

The reason Crooked HiLIARy runs negative ads about Trump is that her record as Secretary of State is one wrong move after another ad nauseam.  
When Democrats are asked to list one positive accomplishment of HiLIARY during her time as Secretary of State, there is either silence or lies.  She has never done anything right and she has never done anything well (except take her paycheck, sell out America and lie).  Never. Everything she has done has weakened America and further endangered us and our allies.  However, it is true that when Crooked has served as part of a group effort the group has done some minor things well, but when Crooked is the leader or acted alone, the results have been disastrous.  

When comparing Trump who has no political service to Crooked HiLIARy who has nothing but horrible political service, I vote we give the person who has not messed up for eight years in a row a chance.  More of Crooked HiLIARy means more of Obama and more of Obama means the ongoing combination of wrong moves from Crooked will probably end a free, prosperous and powerful America.  It takes more than one wrong move, but 12 years of wrong moves is a killer. 

The one thing we cannot afford is more of the unending blunders (or purposeful missteps) of Crooked.   

The psychological term for attributing ones own weaknesses to others is called "projection".  Crooked projects her past and present failures as future failures for Trump. It is an old trick and a favorite of psychopaths and sociopaths.

In a recent article:  http://ppsimmons.blogspot.com/2016/08/democrats-strain-gnats-and-force-feed.htmlI explained the technique used by Democrats over and over. The current Crooked ad is a prime example. The gnat is Donald Trumps enthusiasm for America which causes him to say some things with too much emphasis. The camel is that Donald Trump will destroy America and that Crooked will not.  Do not swallow either of those lies.  The truth is that Donald will make America great again and Crooked will continue to destroy America if she is President.

Do not be fooled by her commercials.  She is a loser. Always has been. Always will be.  With Crooked in charge, our doom is sure.  With Trump in charge, at least we have a chance to make America great again.  

If all it takes is one wrong move, we need to get Crooked out of office immediately.   

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Rev. Joda Collins
Email:  JodaCollins@aol.com
I make no claim that anyone else agrees with my opinions.

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  1. the sad reality is the growing pagan mob that is supporting the moral turpitude evil of soetoro/clinton-