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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Failing Crooked HiLIARy Rotten Clinton

by Rev. Joda Collins

Crooked is sick.  The chances of Crooked HiLIARy Rotten Clinton serving four-years without dying or becoming mentally incapable is slim to none. She is already mentally unstable.  As she approaches 300 pounds, her rapid weight gain of more than 100 pounds in the past few months is a sign of something very wrong with her physically.  Rapid weight gain is always a negative indicator.

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She seems unable to walk up stairs without assistance.  http://theamericanmirror.com/shock-photo-grandma-hillary-helped-stairs/

Crooked has a thyroid condition, spent six months trying to recover from a brain injury in 2012 that seems to have lingering consequences called post-concussion syndrome.  "...people with post-concussion syndrome cannot handle...large volume(s) of data coming at them minute by minute each day. They find very difficult to cope...."

Her slogan "Stronger Together" is appropriate because she is extremely weak in every area and needs constant tending to.  

When you think of "Stronger Together" think of these pictures.  

She is physically weak and needs help to walk up a few steps.

She is mentally weak and needs others to tell her what to do and when to do it.

She is emotionally weak (unstable) as report after report emerges from insiders regarding her often fits of rage over insignificant matters and her inability to deal with serious matters on an intelligent and adult level.   She is coming apart and only held together by "booze...(and) prescription meds...."  She has "suffered a secret mental breakdown, according to political insiders".  

"In State Department emails...Hillary's close aids, Huma Abdin and Monica Hanley...admitted their boss was (is) 'confused'".  (Parenthesis mine and added, Joda Collins.)    "...Hillary routinely breaks down and suffers from violent rages....suffers from narcissistic, anti-social behavior and intermittent explosive disorder...brutal meltdowns....One Clinton source warned: 'Hillary is a keg of TNT just ready to explode at any moment and that makes the prospect of her within an inch of the nuclear codes a huge concern for America."'

She is "stronger together" because without a great amount of help in every area she is extremely weak.  Alone she is unable to function. 

Added to this, if she becomes President, Slick Willy will be back in the White House and making some kind of bloated tax-payer income from some sort of do-nothing federal job -- and just looking at him tells us that he is physically-ill.  

Americans deserve better than a sick explosive-narcissist (maniac) and a dying morally-bankrupt first-man that already harmed America as President (laying the foundation for Obama-change).  And Tim Kaine?  I do not know much about him at this time.  However, if HiLIARy likes him and he is in good with Democrats he has to be bad.   William Turner wrote in 1545, "Birds of a feather flock together". How true!    

The fact that Crooked is sick means Republicans should be doing more investigation into the background and political mindset of Tim Kaine because he, if she steals the election, will most likely be our President before Crooked's first term is over and run for a his first full term next.

Crooked has already sold out America as much as she can as the first woman (I cannot lie and call her a lady) and Secretary of State. What is left to sell, she will sell for as long as she is President if for no other reason than paying to keep from being blackmailed because of the content of the unprotected confidential to top secret emails she made available to our enemies.  She will take us further down the same path as Obama --  and history will record Obama as the worst President for America economically, socially and morally, at least to date.  Everything about America is worse under Obama.  Crooked has more of the same for us; more disgrace, more war, more personal taxes, more Federal regulations and corporate taxes choking our economy, more terrorists within our borders, more attempts to disarm lawful Americans, more failures on the world stage and more apologies to the world on behalf of us. Given Obama's eight-year head start and her commitment to the same things, life for Americans can only get worse under Crooked.   

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Wouldn't it be something if the first (or only) half-black/half-white President was recorded as the second worst President and the first (or only) woman President recorded as the worst President in US history.  

Women leadership over a nation is a sign of God's curse on a nation.  Isaiah 3:12.  I know that is not a politically-correct statement, however, tell me one thing that is politically-correct that is good for Americans.  Nothing!  Knowing that female leadership over a nation is a sign of God's curse on that nation, it takes a special kind of stupid to vote for God's curse. Voting for Hillary is voting for God's curse. 

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Rev. Joda Collins
I make no claim that anyone else agrees with my opinions.

All words in quotes are from the National Enquirer, August 22, 2016 issue, pages 17 & 18.  Normally, I would not quote the National Enquirer, however, there is nothing in that article that is not front page political news and/or easily/rightly concluded from the clear evidence. 

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