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Wednesday, September 7, 2016


by Rev. Joda Collins

There is no doubt that many Americans are using more foul language in day-to-day conversation and that habit has spilled over into public communication.  There is no excuse for it. However, there are reasons for it.  Foul language has infested social media.  The Internet is a cesspool of foul language and foul things to see.  Language in rap music has excessive cursing.  I used to go to the movies, but stopped because of off-color language that is commonly used in movies that are not R rated.  Now, those movies are on TV. At first, off color language on TV was beeped, silenced or there was a voice over to get rid of it.  Now, that is seldom done. Radio commentators and TV personalities regularly use the word "screw" or "shaft" in place of the "f" word.

From the halls of Congress to the streets of Chicago foul language has increased to an alarming rate.  Most of us have been in a family restaurant where the party next to us has one or more individuals using cursing as common language.  Our culture has been desensitized to foul language.  That is not good.  

What should we do about the bad habit of using  bad language?  Stop thinking it and stop using it. Do not allow it in your home.  Do not be silent about it when it is used in the workplace.  Stay away from it as much as you can.  If you use it, confess it to God as sin and repent of it. 

Some have told me they are not voting for Trump because he cursed a few times on the campaign trail.  First, let me say that cursing is wrong. Foul language is always wrong. I think he is over using foul language, however.  I hope so.  Make list of the things HiLIARy has done wrong starting with her criminal activities, lies and failure to keep national secrets out of the hands of our enemies and how those wrongs and more like them to come have and will affect America if she is President. Then make a list of the things Trump does wrong starting with his cursing and how that or those wrongs will affect America if he is President.

Then, vote for the person whose list is the least harmful to America.

Second, make a list of the things Crooked HiLIARY Rotten Clinton has promised if she becomes President such as higher taxes, continued open borders, weakening our military, destroying our Constitutional rights including the destruction of the 2nd Amendment, and curtailing free speech, the open promotion of Islam and anything else you know is in her list of promises or history from which you can glean her agenda.

Then make a list of the things Donald Trumps stands for such as securing our southern border, getting rid of ISIS, honoring our Constitution, and deporting terrorists from our Country.  

Then, vote for the person whose list is the most beneficial for America.  

I am sure you get the point. I would rather vote for a person who gets so upset about America in decline that he curses once in a while, than vote for a person who rejoices to see America in decline and contributes all of her time, energy and other people's money to try to make it happen.   There are two choices.  Make your choice.  I find it strange that so many people are more upset about a few curse words from a man who loves America than from the avalanche the curses HiLIARy has brought on Americans.   These same people pay money to go to the theater to hear their favorite actors use curse words and keep their TV on to the end of the program even though their favorite actors fill their home with cursing.  

What a strange world we live in!

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Rev. Joda Collins
I make no claim that anyone else agrees with my opinions. 

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