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Tuesday, September 27, 2016


One of Hillary's current TV attack ads against Donald Trump features some tongue-in-cheek sexually-based comments Donald Trump made on the Howard Stern Show.  As most people know the Howard Stern show is (includes) semi-spoofs on all things sexual.  It is a crude show and those that go on that show are expected to engage in the college-frat style of sexual conversation if Howard moves the conversation in that direction. It is a "show".  It is intended to often include adult-level comments with an emphasis on sexual-innuendo. Such people as Steve Martin, Robert Duvall, John Goodman, Tina Fey, Samuel L. Jackson, Christi Brinkley, Jimmy Kimmel, Cindy Crawford, Carol Burnett, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Glenn Beck, Alex Trebek, Jenny McCarthy, Ben Stiller, Conan O'Brien, Dan Aykroyd, Tom Arnold, Kristie Alley, Barbara Walters and hundreds more have been on his show. 

Howard Stern often brings the conversation to sexual things and the guests are expected to respond in kind. For example, William Shatner commented on the size of Howard Stern's private parts. That is enough said.  You get the idea. It is the Howard Stern "SHOW".  

Not all of Howard Sterns interviews deteriorate to sexual innuendo but it happens a lot.  Again, much of it is tongue-in-cheek.  I think it is not good to go on the Howard Stern show. To the best of my knowledge Donald Trump has not been on the Howard Stern Show since on the campaign trail.  

I would rather have Donald Trump as President even though he engaged in off-color and/or tongue-in-cheek comments about sexual things, than Hillary.  Open borders, a string of crimes against America and Americans, a string of dead bodies, selling America to the highest bidder, having America become Islamic, (Hillary) threatening her husband's sexual partners if they "tell" and a host of other things are in the list of despicable things she has a done.  Her basket of despicable things is so heavy it takes a fork lift to pick it up.  Trumps baskets of regrettable actions can be lifted with one finger. 

Of  course, the ad does not compare and contrast Hillary's crimes and disgusting acts with Trumps less than perfect moments because any such comparison would be a Vote for Trump commercial.  Donald Trump said he regrets some of the things he said and that if he knew he would be running for President he would have "lived a less controversial life".  Hillary has never felt sorry for any of the disgusting and deplorable things she has done and never will.  Sociopath's do not repent or feel remorse. 

The ad also notes some of the back and forth conversation between Donald Trump and Rosie O'Donnell that went on in the media.  One has to remember that Rosie went out of her way to insult Donald and that was the catalysts for their exchange of words. Donald would have been better off not to respond to Rosie's attacks because his comments are now being used against him in a one-sided manner.  However, that is done. 

If the choice for President is between a person who made a few mistakes and repents compared to a person who constantly does wrong and denies any wrong doing, I vote for the person with a conscience.  
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Rev. Joda Collins
I make no claim that anyone else agrees with me.

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