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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

WHAT IF? Pastor Carl Gallups explains the prophetic nature of our time ...

FOREWORD - Joseph Farah

What if we truly were living in the most profoundly prophetic times since the first coming of Jesus Christ? What if you were shown the undeniable and shocking proof?  

Pat Boone - "Captivating!"
Joseph Farah - "Relevant!"
Tom Horn and Cheryl Chumley - "Riveting!"
Mark Biltz - "You can feel the closeness!"
Joel Richardson - "Passionate! Urgent!"
Zach Drew - "Wow!"
Zev Porat - "Anointed!"
Richard Syrett - "Compelling!"
Dr. Laurie Cardoza-Moore - "Prophetic!"
Dr. Grace Vuoto - "A must-read book by a principled Christian - a scholar!"  

Pastor Carl Gallups explains his new book 
Amos 3:8 says, "The lion has roared who will not fear? The Sovereign Lord has spoken - who can but prophesy?" It is from this passage where the book’s title has derived.

I have been a pastor and preacher for over thirty years. Decades ago I believed the Lord showed me in my spirit, validated in the contextually applied scriptures, what the world might look like in my lifetime. I began preaching and teaching those scriptures and relating them to the slowly unfolding events of my day - even in the face of much skepticism.

That was, what seems like, a lifetime ago. But it’s only been a few handfuls of years. However, much has changed since then. After all, the internet and cellphones had not even been invented when the Lord first began to speak to my heart on these matters. Neither had 24-hour pervasive television news reporting. The Middle East had not yet imploded with Christian genocide. Russia and China had not shown up with their militaries - in Syria. Russia and Iran had not made military compacts. The formally democratic and U.S. ally, Turkey, had not yet gone full-rogue in creating a major Islamic caliphate. The Gulf War, 9/11 (the largest terror attack in global history), Arab Spring, the birth of ISIS, the international refugee crisis, the Supreme Court "gay marriage" ruling, and the radical transgender infatuation had not even been dreamed of - by most. But there were some of us who saw it all coming. Maybe not in stark and exacting detail, but we knew these things, or something of their "type" were on the way - because the Word of God said they were.

In the meantime we are yet in the midst of a major Shemitah event (missed by most of the world - but still reverberating), as well as an unprecedented and exponential explosion in technology developments that tie, for the first time in history, directly to biblical last days' prophecies. Now we are watching the alignment of the Ezekiel 38 nations in the Middle East. All the while, major globally influential entities are fervently calling for the marking of every man, woman, and child on the planet - and plans have been laid (in conjunction with international tech companies) to make it happen within the next dozen years. While apostasy is engulfing much of the church, concurrently a great awakening (in the most unexpected way) is sweeping the planet.  And so much more is unfolding I haven’t even addressed here – but they are all addressed in When The Lion Roars.

Many biblical scholars are absolutely alarmed by what they are seeing - yet the largest part of the church remains silent ... they barely even notice. There is very little proclamation of "Thus sayeth the Lord" on these topics from modern American pulpits. It is my passion to wake up the church - from the pulpit to the pew - not in an alarming and sensational way - but in a sober, balanced, logic, and biblical manner. This is why I wrote the book.

Practically every single thing the Bible said would happen in the last days has happened and/or is happening right before the eyes of the world, and at break-neck speed! And it has all rolled in like a flood, only since the return of Israel in 1948. I knew in my soul that the unprecedented event of the revenant nation of Israel was the start-watch for dramatic end time prophecy revealing. However, I could never have guessed how quickly it would come.

In the introduction to this book I write, with a touch of serious-minded humor, of how even when writing the book the world was changing so rapidly and prophetic happenings were advancing so alarmingly, that it was hard to know where to quit writing. In the book, I pointed to the possibility that certain things might happen, perhaps years from now - but by the time the book was published - they had already happened. That's how quickly prophetic events are unfolding. It speaks of the prescient times in which we are now living.

I end the book with a big dose of a pastor's heart and tons of life experience. I conclude with the practical and biblical "how to" of living in these profoundly prophetic days.

I really think this is a book that Christians in the pew, anyone interested in prophecy, and pastors in the pulpit will find easy to read and understand - and filled with headlines that pop right off the pages of the evening news and land squarely in the Word of God. Those that have already read it are gushing exclamatory phrases of praise. Accordingly, I am convinced this work could prove to be extraordinarily relevant for our time.

If the Lord chooses to use this work for His glory – I am deeply humbled. I believe with all my heart that this current generation of Christians was "raised up for such a time as this." I pray the Lord uses this book to raise that awareness around the world.

The Lion has been roaring for years, largely ignored – so now, I could be silent no longer.  I’m trying to alert the villagers who have been pretending they don’t hear the roar.



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