Zev Porat

Monday, September 19, 2016

Who was the FIRST? Brilliant Article from Joseph Farah (WND.com)

Who was the first 'birther'?

Bio used by Barack Obama's literary agency beginning in 1991 and ending in 2007 – the year he declared his candidacy for president. Donald Trump was wise not to take the advice of some of his staff and political allies by apologizing to Barack Obama for questioning his eligibility for the presidency and, yes, even whether…


  1. His grandmother was as she did not ever want hom to know that he was to have been lynched unborn along with is mother and his dad Jim T parks who died in 3/61. but, accrdng to his other had fourth back to allow her to get free and she ran for help and ended with 3 dead that day at the hands of the KKK... Its her fear that led her to almost get the birth certified in Hawaii , but was caught. 5/61 attempt on my life when known my parents had gdnshp of my dad's15 year old great great niece and marriage to Obama Sr arranged by her dad and my dad married them to give him a name. LISTEN TO THE WORDS SAID. PRESIDENT OBAMA SAID HE WROTE WHAT HE HAD BEEN TOLD. .A LIE. I ONLY MET HIS GRANDMOTHER ONCE AND SHE WAS A FORCE NOT UNLIKE HER RELATIVES SHE HAD SENT Stanley Ann to live with at westboro Baptist church . I was with my mother on easter Sun 4/61 as she got the gdnshp papers signed over to her from Rev Fred Phelps. and I bolted from the church at age 16 hearing the worse racist diatribe being spouted from a pulpit. birth in Topeka ks 8/61 when my mother drove her to Forbes Air Force base hospital. and was there when he was born and I saw him a few days later as a new born This site has refused to know the truth for several years now and is even dissing Trump now for knowing. I am 80% sure Ron Paul is the doctor. A senatorial aide today said that once Trump got his security clearance. he could find out about a military birth and my guess is he knows the truth now, also now if this comment is not published, then thise site has n ouse for the truth as this is not about a birth but about the worse form of racism, lynching and there has been no justice for over 50 years of victims of 3/61. DISSING ONE WHOSE MOTIVE IS JUSTICE AND NOT POLITICS IS COVERING UP THE WRONGS OF HE PAST AND CHRIST CALLS US TO OVERCOME. COVERING UP IS NOT OVERCOMING . THAT DOES NOT "CAST OUT EVIL" the prophetic words of Father Jacques Hamil in his last words as he was being murdered by another evil death squad earlier this year in France. Linda Joy Adams eyewitness to the whole truth

  2. His grandmother was as she never wanted him to know he was a lynching victim that was to have taken his life, unborn and his mother and hie dad was lynched. in 3/61 at Topeka ks where he was born. The ultiamate test for justice for all and final healing form racism is this birth of President Obama . Far apart from his politics which has been affected by all the lack of truth telling throughout his life I should have made the effort after he was older to locate and tell him. The few times I did see him I did not have a chance to talk. Topeka ks my hometown is badly in need of this healing as anyone who knows would say...Lynching in the recent times, is not unlike the shame of crucifixion in Biblical times. Victims and family made to feel ashamed when the ones who committed the heinous act are the ones whose eternal souls are in jeopardy. How we handle lynchings is the final hurdle to over come our own past so we can MAKE AMERICA BETTER THAN EVER where all have equal justice , not just some. Linda Joy Adams