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Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Larry Nichols first got to know the Clintons back in Bill´s early days as a political aspirant to the Arkansas Governorship in 1978. He had a background in advertising and soon won his way into the confidence of the future Governor of Arkansas and President. He was a fixer for Clinton and together with Hillary ever present they learned to do many things-silence enemies, quash bad press about Bill´s escapades and Hilary´s bad temperament and win elections. The Clinton Foundation? The idea behind It had its beginnings in Arkansas. Voter fraud? THAT was a Clinton specialty and Nichols warns that all that Bill, Hillary and Larry Nichols learned, honed to perfection and implemented will be REPEATED in 2016 unless Trump takes immediate steps at the ground level.
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Nichols urges Trump to organize veterans organizations and motorcycle clubs into polling watch groups for big cities where the fraud will be worst.  He tells Trump: "You know real estate but this is not real estate, nor beauty pageants nor golf. This is political war and you are up against two experienced foes who are going for broke. Hillary´s poll numbers may be inflated but her and Bill´s tactics for vote stealing are tried and true-I should know because I was there with Hillary & Bill while we devised these dirty tricks.

The man who helped developed Clinton ballot stuffing tactics has a message. Will the Trump campai...
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