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Saturday, October 8, 2016


by Rev. Joda Collins

History is not written by historians. History is written as items of current events by those who were there.   Historians tend to rewrite much of history to fit their prejudices. 

Barack Obama is worried about his legacy. He should be.

I have no doubt that many historians will rewrite the life and times of Obama as if he was a normal and/or decent person, as if he was devoted to the welfare of America and as if he was a wise innovator.  None of that is true.

To the best of my knowledge, no single person has done more to damage America than Obama. Obama promised to fundamentally change America. He has done that. 

Our economy is worse; our national debt has nearly doubled under Obama.  Race relations are worse. Our healthcare system is in shambles.  Our military power is less.  Military morale is down. The moral fiber of America has deteriorated dramatically.  Our enemies are stronger. Our allies do not trust us. 

The world is less safe because of Obama's commitment to the socio-political take-over of Islam in America and around the world.   America is less safe in the world.    Our Southern border is open and illegal immigrants are flooding our nation by Obama's invitation.  They bring with them and to us disease and destruction. Americans are less safe on our streets and in our homes.

Under the guidance of Obama, the father of ISIS (1), the Islamization of America is taking place. Our Constitution and our constitutional rights are being disrespected and systematically destroyed at the highest levels of government.   
Before Obama, it was considered bad taste to call a President a liar. Now calling a President a liar is commonplace. This is because Obama adopts the Hitler policy that if you tell a big lie long enough it will be believed (2).  His entire presidency is built on one lie after another; an endless flood of lies (3) 

Obama did not bring his brand of devastation to America by himself. He had the help of a do-nothing Congress or should I say a compliant Congress.  Our representative form of government failed us.

These are the present day facts of October 2016.   I am proud to be an American because of America's past greatness, but I am ashamed of Obama and I am ashamed of what America has become under this presidency.  If he had one shred of decency he would be ashamed also.  However he does not and he is not. In one word, he is arrogant.  He is a colossal embarrassment and a colossal failure.   I wish that was not true, but it is. If history is rightly recorded, coming generations will know how poorly he served as President of the United States and the great damage he has done to us and to the world. 

If historians rewrite (lie about) the history of Obama's America, I hope this small article survives... somewhere.

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Rev. Joda Collins
I make no claim that anyone else agrees with me.

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  1. Thanks! 3 branches of government under the US Constitution and Congress IS TO BE THE STRONGER which stopped allowing the real govt to do its oversight job in the COUP OF 2002 WHEN THEY DEFUNDED CIVIL AND CRIMINAL OVERSIGHT Of GOVT CONTRACTORS AND THEN ALLOWED NEARLY EVERY PART OF GOVT TO BE CONTRACTED OUT, every agency has stacks of documentation from the people of laws broken and public monies stolen and systems hacked fro inside etc. and yet none allowed to do their ob. Even social security was denied access to check security on the system that is not well documented as not. asked CONGRESS FOR PERMISSION OVER 2 YEARS AGO.. still waiting And that data base affects every one in the USA. Pray for guidance and then go vote! Linda Joy Adams