Zev Porat

Sunday, October 2, 2016

This one item "belongs on every believer's bedside table!"

The Critics Are Raving! WHEN THE LION ROARS - by Carl Gallups Foreword by Joseph Farah. Cover endorsements by Joel Richardson & Zev Porat
"Riveting. When the Lion Roars is a book that belongs on every believer's bedside table, to be read, referenced and pondered over and over again. Pastor and prognosticator Carl Gallups has given America a great gift -- an easy-to-read and fast-moving explanation of where we are as a country and as a world, and how we can respond on an individual basis to the evils that swirl." - Cheryl Chumley, writer, author, speaker, award-winning journalist Bestselling author of THE DEVIL IN D.C. and POLICE STATE GET YOUR COPY HERE! www.amazon.com/author/carlgallups BOOK WEBSITE HERE (See over a dozen more similar endorsements!) www.carlgallups.com/whenthelionroars

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