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Monday, December 19, 2016


by Rev. Joda Collins.


"...few in America...remember our history with our...first foreign enemy, an enemy that still assaults us...and was directly responsible for the world's worst mainland terrorist attack -- September 11, 2001.  Pirates (Muslims) from....North Africa began seizing American merchant ships and holding the crews for ransom.  The first...occurred in 1784....   
In March 1786, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams (tried) to...negotiate (the release of the crew)....(and were told), 'It was written in the...Koran, that all nations which had not acknowledged the Prophet (of Islam) were sinners; whom it was the right and duty of the faithful (Muslims) to plunder and enslave....the Islamic jihad reasoning we hear today is the very same...conquer the infidels....   Islam has never been a religion of peace, nor have Islamic marauders and conquerors (ISIS....) ever been simply a part of an Islamic extremist faction."     Reprinted with permission from "When the Lion Roars", (2016), by Carl Gallups, pages 161-3.  All but the last parenthesis are mine, Joda Collins.

ISIS is not an extremist faction of Islam in the same way that a milkshake is not an extra, extreme or different consumable produce of Burger King.  The Burger King milkshake is very different from a Burger King hamburger, but the Burger King milkshake is a part of what makes Burger King, Burger King. Burger King is not just a hamburger, it is a menu of foods that includes hamburgers.  Their milkshake is part of their regular menu and a complement to their other foods, not an extra that a few employees of Burger King force on customers against the will of Burger King Incorporated.   

Likewise, Islam is a menu of Muslims that contains murders, rapists, slave-traders and thieves.  Such people are not unwelcome additions forced on Muslims against the dictates of Islam Incorporated (the Koran) but a key part of what makes Islam, Islam.  When a nation or community accepts Muslims, that nation or community accepts Islam.  When a nation or community accepts Muslims and/or Islam, that nation or community accepts Islamic terrorism because the Koran, their manual for being a good Muslim, demands terrorism.  Got it?  I hope so. 

A medical doctor would say, "No cancer allowed in your body."  The doctor is rightly cancerophobic. I realize that is hate-speech towards cancer. The gun owner would rightly say, "My children will not play with my loaded weapon."  The gun owner is correct to be gunophobic.  I understand that is hate speech against guns.  The person standing on the ledge atop a 10-story building would be wise to be gravityophobic.  I am aware that is hate-speech aimed at gravity.  Jews, the Polish and Christians were right during the rise and reign of Hitler to be Natziophobic. Yes, that is hate-speech against Nazi's.   A black man in a KKK run city would be prudent to be KKKophobic.  Again, hate-speech against prejudice. I can hear the politically correct of Paul Revere's day claim that Paul was Britishophobic and filled with hate speech towards the Brits as he rode through town announcing "The British are coming!"  Wise people are Islamophobic.  The left considers this hate-speech against Muslims, I know.   In the photo above, the people on the ground are Islamophobic!  I wonder why? Only an idiot has no fear of things or people that will kill you without mercy.  Only an idiot would fall in love with something that is deadly.  Only a sympathizer of evil would complain about denouncing something evil that is deadly.  

No honest and educated person can disagree with anything I have stated.  The conclusions are easy. No Muslims allowed. Hunt down and kill the active terrorists.  This is jihad (war) because Islam (the Koran) declares war on us.  Fight or surrender.  There are no other choices. You can delay the day of surrender by not fighting, but you cannot win without fighting.    

ISIS is not an extremist faction of Islam. ISIS is the ultimate, consummate and perfect expression of the Muslim war mentality (Islam). 

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