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Monday, December 19, 2016


by Rev. Joda Collins.

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Obama states the Russians hacked the presidential election.  

There are several things to consider. First, Obama and HiLIARy are pathological liars. (1). 

Second, there is no real evidence of Russian involvement in the election other than Putin made it clear that he felt if HiLIARy was elected, the chances of America going to war with Russia were high.  This is not the same thing as hacking into state voting machines to change the number of votes for or against any candidate. 

Third, in October, when Obama was sure HiLIARy would win, Obama stated that it was impossible for anyone to hack our elections and he listed reasons why.  There is emerging evidence that Obama was trying to figure out how to hack the elections when he made that statement. Current evidence is that the Obama-Clinton Crime Syndicates were not successful in their attempts to do so.  

Fourth, if the Obama and Clinton Crime Syndicates could not hack our own electoral process from the inside, the Russians hacking it from the outside is not a viable probability.  

Fifth, Obama is not an American.  He is an African.  He has no love for America and his action for the past eight years is ample evidence of that fact.  Do not make the mistake of thinking Obama cares about what harm comes to America.  His goal is to harm America.  

Sixth, Obama is a Muslim or, at least, a Muslim-sympathizer.  He wants what every other devoted Muslim wants; the destruction-death of America so Islam can rule from the ruins.  This is the Muslim method used for 1,400 years which has happened and is happening right in front of our eyes in the middle east in the last eight years.  War with Russia is a means to that end.  Obama wants war with Russia.   If Obama can get us in a war with Russia before Jan 20, 2017, he will be very pleased and very proud. What better way to begin it than to attack Russia because of a contrived accusation. 

Seventh, HiLIARy along with all Democrats are embarrassed by the results of the election.  They want something to happen to lessen their embarrassment.  What better way than to lay the failure of their deeply flawed candidate at the feet of others.  HiLIARy has blamed every one else for her failure, including the Russians.  If that does not work, then she will blame the Martians after the Obama-Clinton Crime Syndicates start the rumor that the Martians landed on election day and used their superior electronic skills to change the votes in the voting machines -- and magically erased the HiLIARy bubble and re-vote for Trump on paper ballots.   

Eighth, the 2020 election process has already started.  It started with the Obama and Clinton Crime Syndicates doing all they can to discredit the overwhelming win of Trump.  It will continue with the Democrats doing all they can to stop Trump from making America great again, so the Democrats can run their 2020 candidate on the platform that Trump failed.  

Finally, the only discredit to our election were the illegals who voted, the dead who voted, the Republican votes that were put in the closet by Democrats and ignored, and the multiple votes of democrats. 

Did the Russians elect Donald Trump?  No, American patriots did.  The Democrats can not and will not accept or admit that. Therefore, they charge that WikiLeaks, the Russians, Canadians, Mexicans, Syrians, Martians or whoever did it.  Whatever they think you will swallow, they will feed you.  You do realize they think we are stupid, don't you?   Do not be fooled.  When people with a history of lying speak, only a fool listens, especially when the liars have something to gain by lying.  To Democrats leaders, people are just pawns to be moved around the board to protect and promote them. 

The greatest threat to the safety and security of America is still B. Obama. Do not believe a word he says. Do not believe a word those he buys or threatens say. Obama has corrupted our government to the degree that nothing the Democrats and Rino-Republicans say or do can be trusted. Liars, cowards and weasels, all.  

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Rev. Joda Collins
I make no claim that anyone else agrees with me.

(1)   http://www.hannity.com/articles/election-493995/heres-a-list-of-36-of-15142152/
Several major media outlets are practically stumping for Hillary Clinton ahead of Monday's presidential debate. Over the weekend The New York Times, The Washington ...

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