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Saturday, January 14, 2017

How Can This NOT Be Prophetic?

The UN and 70 NATIONS against Israel – Prophetic?  
By Pastor Carl Gallups

Israel is bracing for more hostile declarations from a bloc of more than 70 nations meeting Sunday in Paris with the goal of embracing a document that calls for a two-state solution with a Palestinian state formed within the 1949 boundaries. The bloc originated with precisely 70 nations. Now, the news is reporting that others have joined the foundational 70.

In Jewish tradition there were 70 original nations, dispersed by Yahweh, after the Flood. I find it, perhaps, prophetically significant that today, in the days of a returned Israel, there would be precisely 70 nations standing opposed to God’s nation. This is especially significant given that the prophetically returned Israel is undeniably Yahweh’s clear sign to the world of his sovereignty
(Ezek. 39:27, etc.) and the last-days-epoch in which we are living.

We are undoubtedly living in unprecedented prophetic times. The United Nations has morphed into an Israel-hating monstrosity.

And, students of the Word of God know what happens when nations gather together to stand against God and His “sign to the world” – Israel. It will be fascinating to see how all this plays out over the next several months in particular. President Trump is promising a new and highly positive attitude towards Israel. Certainly, he will be able to undo much of the damage the current administration and geopolitical climate even now continues to put forth.  Or can he?

You see, that really is the biblical and prophetic billion-dollar question; either God will use President Trump to buy Israel some political/spiritual breathing-room for a period, or He may use the new president to further facilitate the hastening of biblical end time declarations. Our strong stance with Israel, under a Trump administration, may, indeed, be exactly what it takes to turn the vast majority of the world’s powers completely against us. I have a feeling we will soon find out.

Regardless of how this works out in the short run, how can anyone who knows their Bible not see the prophetic nature of these events?  The Lion of prophecy is roaring! (Amos 3:6-9)

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  1. Carl do you think either Obama or Ergodan may be the Antichrist, and the current fake NWO Communist imposter pope may be the false prophet in the book of Rev in the Holy Bible?