Zev Porat

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Hypocrisy Alert! Trump/Russia/Obama Fake Birth Certificate!

PNN Hypocrisy Alert! 

Trump/Russia/Obama Fake Birth Certificate! Carl Gallups on the Sheila Zilinsky Show in this brief 10 minute segment, Carl exposes the current media hypocrisy on the Obama fake birth certificate case by comparing it to the frenzied media "investigation" of the proven fake story on Trump and Russia..

Listen to the ENTIRE Sheila Zilinsky show with Pastor Carl Gallups (discussing the prophetic times in which we are living as well as the Obama fake BC issue) HERE:

BELOW is the 10 minute segment about the birth certificate hypocrisy - the bulk of the theme of that portion starts at the 3:45 mark in this video ...


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