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Monday, January 23, 2017


When one person got better health care because of Obamacare even though Obamacare brought with it financial devastation to the healthcare market, loss of doctors, loss of medical coverage for millions and skyrocketing premiums, the Obama administration declared Obamacare an overwhelming success because one person got better health care.  

If and when the Trump replacement of Obamacare brings financial stability to the healthcare system, more doctors, more people who have coverage and lower premiums the Obamacare supporters will parade one person who gets less health care under the new plan and declare that the replacement attempt is a horrible failure.

This double standard is a key component of the immature; they refuse to be held accountable for anything they do but hold others accountable to impossible and illogical standards.This is an age-old demonic attack.  Jesus said the immature of his day expected more from others than they expected from themselves.  Evil has not changed.  The devil uses the same tricks over and over.  Immature people grow old and die, only to be replaced by a new crop of adult age people who never grow up. "They (attempt to) crush people with unbearable (unreasonable, impossible)...demands and they never lift a finger...."  Matthew 23:4, Living Bible, parenthesis mine (Joda Collins).  

Here is the question to look for from the immature.   "Will every person in America get as much heath care coverage under the GOP healthcare plan as any one person did under Obamacare?"  The answer will be no and you can be sure the immature will parade one person who lost some healthcare coverage under any new plan because he or she did not meet reasonable requirements.  

It will be impossible for every person in the USA to have excellent health care coverage. It was impossible with Obamacare and it will be impossible with any replacement of Obamacare.  When the immature point out that not everyone will have superior healthcare coverage under the replacement, it is important to say loud and clear and immediately, "Not everyone had superior healthcare coverage under Obamacare, many got less health care and many lost their health care."  Then shut up. The next one who speaks loses. 

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Rev. Joda Collins
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