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Monday, October 8, 2018

TRUMP@WAR: This Must-Watch Movie Will Fire You Up For The Red Wave! [Video] #RedWave * 100PercentFedUp.com

Brett Kavanaugh's fancy sideshow filled with mobs of protesters just became funnier than expected! Some of the protesters were caught on camera being trained on what to say! To top it off, the person who was training them is highly involved as a co-founder of a Bernie Sanders group called the People for Bernie.


TRUMP@WAR: This Must-Watch Movie Will Fire You Up For The Red Wave! [Video] #RedWave

The video from Western Journal is a perfect documentary to get you fired up for November's Red Wave. It gives an overview of how the media is an arm of the DNC and how the violent protesters on the left have harassed and assaulted Trump supporters. This is worth the watch!

Trending: KAVANAUGH Protesters Caught On Camera Being TRAINED What To Say


A look into the socialist war on President Donald Trump with supporters being attacked in the streets and leftists using the label "racism."

The Trump @War documentary will be available here on One American News Network (OAN).

"It's a film that every American, regardless of political belief, should watch," according to the network's press release. "It's a historic time for our country, and no one should be sitting on the sidelines during the upcoming elections."

Trump @War highlights the challenges faced by Trump and economic nationalists with the left and the mainstream media as the president fights to fulfill his America First Agenda.

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