Zev Porat

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Why PPSIMMONS is important today

We've been pondering what kind of post should kick off the brand new PPSIMMONS blog. Then this story came across the news wire today:

"A presidential panel on Monday disclosed shocking new details of US medical experiments done in Guatemala in the 1940's, including a decision to reinfect a dying woman in a syphilis study"

Apparently, back in the 40's, a group of American "scientists" committed some pretty heinous atrocities - all in the name of "science". Is this an isolated case? No. In fact this story is indicative of many, and we do mean many, historical events which have debased the value of human life to that of, well, animals. Here is further evidence the story gives of the gruesome acts committed by the "scientists" in Guatemala:

"Perhaps the most disturbing details involved a female syphilis patient with an undisclosed terminal illness. The researchers, curious to see the impact of an additional infection, infected her with gonorrhea in her eyes and elsewhere. Six months later she died".

It is exactly for this reason that PPSIMMONS exists. Not to be a constant finger, pointing out everyone's faults or minor mistakes in the pursuit of knowledge, no, but rather an ever present threat to those who wish to hide behind the disguise of authority to degrade the sanctity of life itself. To be a watchman on the wall, boldly declaring that we are not animals relegated to be servants to the intellectual and political elite.

There were other disgusting atrocities going on in the 40's in the name of "science". Adolph Hitler was doing similar "experiments" on Jews. Hitler believed in the possibility of a superior race chosen through forced natural selection; a way of helping nature along so to speak. The Nordic or Aryan Race was the most important goal of the Nazis. It was the largest part of the over all plan. The blonde hair, blue eye, super men were to be the only race. The Blacks, Hispanics, Jews, Gypsies, Homosexuals and anyone else that did not meet the race requirements were to by cleansed from society through genocide; all in the name of "science". (see here)

So here is the overwhelming dilemma facing the world: what is science and what is not? Who can we trust? The man-made global warming "scientists" were recently caught in an international conspiracy which made headline news all around the world. People who were given the public trust were caught lying to us; and these people were "scientists". This was (and still is) known as "Climate Gate".

Blog space limitation would not permit the listing of the entirety of lies and deceitful practices so-called "scientists" have been caught indulging in. From the "Piltdown Man" hoax to the more recent "Archaeopteryx" fiasco, we see a plethora of reasons to completely and totally distrust the government "science" complex and, perhaps, have ample reason to demand everyone who takes tax payer money to do scientific research be forced to undergo polygraph exams.

PPSIMMONS is dedicated to the promotion of the Gospel as it is spelled out in the pages of the Bible. To that end we endeavor to celebrate life. We also seek to fulfill a special biblical calling; one that calls on the "Porter" to keep watch and report to the body of Christ the signs of the times. We have this assignment, as we all have certain assignments in the body, and so the Lord has shown us where the world stands with respect to the return of Jesus Christ to the earth to retrieve His bride and restore the earth to His rule. We believe that the prophesied "End Time" is not coming but rather the End Time is now.

And one of the pieces of evidence we have that the End Time is now is the overwhelming fact that knowledge has most definitely increased. The word "science" comes from the Latin word "scientia" which quite literally means "knowledge".

But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.

Daniel 12:4

The fact that knowledge has "increased" is undeniable. However, we have also seen that which is all too common. We saw the same thing with religion and we see it also with science: a counterfeit. The theory of microbe-to-microbiologist evolution is not science. Yet it is widely proclaimed as such every day. It's a counterfeit. If people really took a good look at what real science has discovered and continues to discover they would be in a perpetual state of awe and admiration toward the transcendental creator and marvel at the lengths of degradation which has taken place because of the fall of humanity. Instead the people are lied to on a daily basis; abused by those with the public trust and convinced they are only animals. Evolution theory is a delusion and real science is happily performed without it.

So - should the porter keep silent on these things? God forbid! We do not shrink back. We press on with the truth and leave the consequences to God. Likewise for our Obama stuff. We take a great deal of heat over that; people aren't convinced that it's worth pursuing. They think we are wasting out time and we should instead focus on "godly" things like whether or not Adam had a belly button. Well, not all people see it as a waste of time. Some people actually see the Obama stuff as it really is: The Exploits!

And such as do wickedly against the covenant shall he corrupt by flatteries: but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.

Daniel 11:32

We believe that Obama has corrupted those who do wickedly against the [marriage] covenant by constantly flattering them with cudo's and attaboy's and promising a brighter future for the homosexuals. Our exploits are exposing him as a fraud and an Antichrist. We have the evidence. We have the videos and the testimonies from Obama himself. These are one aspect of our exploits.

So this is the PPSIMMONS ministry. We have an End Time assignment; a message for the Church and the world. We know that not everyone will agree with us and we're ok with that. We do hope to be a blessing to all who discover our material. God bless you and stay tuned - there's much more to come.


  1. Great opening blog! I'm looking forward to further renderings!

  2. Dear PPsimmons channel your video's have done alot to bring people to Christ.

    I ask you now to watch this video to see if you are still in support of the state of Israel.

    You will see there persecution of Christians.

    I understand that you are currently in support of the zionist regime but perhaps just maybe you could be wrong about this particular issue?


    There are extremists in all ethnic groups and creeds, jihad is one but i'm afraid to say Zionism is another.

    I post here because it seem's near impossible to contact you any other way due to your censorship.

    Please watch this, with love.