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Thursday, August 29, 2013


by Rev. Joda Collins
King David wanted to build a wonderful place of worship. However, God told King David that his (David's) son, Solomon, would build the place of worship.  King David began the plans and passed those plans to Solomon. King Solomon built a magnificent Temple of worship unto God.  Construction ended in BC832. The Temple lasted for 246 years. It was destroyed by the Babylonians under King Nubuchadnezzar in the year BC586.  For 246 years this massive Temple stood as a testimony of the desire of God's people to worship Yahweh. 
Under Ezra, a rebuilding of the Temple began.  It was completed in BC516. When the foundation was laid. The Book of Ezra records that most people were excited while the very old were moved to overwhelming sadness.  You see, the very old remembered the magnificence of the first Temple. Upon seeing the significantly smaller foundation for this "second" Temple, they realized that what was to come would be very much inferior to the splendor of the original Temple.   In addition, the aged were probably reflecting on the financial prosperity of the days of Solomon compared to the overwhelming financial poverty of the days of Ezra. 
Everyone who did not have a personal reference point back to the days of Solomon, rejoiced.  Those who had a personal awareness of the years gone by were filled with sadness and began to weep.  (Ezra 3:11b-13.)
This is a condition like our own in the United States.  Those of us with more age and personal knowledge of several decades, weep when we see what the obama Administration is doing to our Nation while those with no concept of our recent history (via experience or education) rejoice.  We who know history by experience and/or education see our Nation deteriorating, on a daily basis, right in front of our eyes and that causes us extreme sorrow. 
Those who do not know the recent history of our Country find reasons to rejoice in the things we know represent a deterioration of our Nations' wealth, morality, spirituality and world stability. 
Our Nation is ill.  In 1967, we kicked God out of the public classroom. Shortly afterwards (1973) our Nation legalized the killing of babies in the womb.  More recently, we have seen homosexuality (spurred on by obama and his puppet administration) move from a known "sin" to a legalized state of, "honorable marriage," and something to be, "proud about as a American serviceman or woman."   Our Nation is sin-sick.  The evil, the ignorant and those who support obama just because of his skin-color, rejoice.  The moral, the aware and those who judge a man by his character rather than the shade of his skin, weep.
joda collins
Rev. Joda Collins
Disclaimer: The opinions stated herein are the opinions of the author and may or may not reflect the opinions of others.

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