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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Keep Swimming in the Right Direction!

Mark Chapter 2:1-12 speaks of four devoted friends of a paralyzed man who upon learning that Jesus was teaching in a home brought their friend on a stretcher to Jesus for healing.  Upon arriving to the home they found the house full and a large huddled crowd outside straining to hear the words of the Master. Undaunted by the crowd the men got on top of the house, removed a section of the roof and lowered their friend with ropes right down in front of Jesus.  

Jesus was so impressed with their devotion He forgave the man of his sins (the cause of his paralysis).  The man was healed immediately.

Oh, what friends!  Oh, what fortitude!  Oh, what a healer! 

Was Jesus unaware of the condition of the paralyzed man before the man was placed before him?  Absolutely not.  This event is used to tell us that God is moved by our determination in the face of large obstacles.  

Are you facing difficulties in your life, marriage, church, work or health?  Do not give up praying. Do not give up working at a resolution. Do not grow weary.  Jesus may be waiting for you with your miracle just over, through or around the next obstacle.  

This event reminds me of joke I heard many years ago. A man escaped from Alcatraz prison.  After swimming half way to shore and freedom, he decided he could not make it, so he swam back.  Keep swimming in the direction of freedom!

joda collins
Rev. Joda Collins

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