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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Sociopaths Speak Between the Lines

Putin today announced that unless Obama stands down on his hopes and plans to bomb Assad after Assad relinquishes control over the Syrian Armies' chemical weapons, that Assad will not turn over control of his Chemical weapons to the International community.  Of course, Putin did not put it that way specifically but that is the intent of his political language. John McCain appears to side with Obama that Assad needs a good spanking from Obama for (allegedly) using serin gas in retaliation against the Syrian terrorists for, first, using serin gas on his troops.

Obama is determined to bomb Assad without Congressional support and without the support of the International community. Obama stated in his Tuesday night address to the world that there are good reasons to bomb Assad. Among them are:
1. Starting what could be World War Three will keep America's children safer.
2. Assad deserves to be punished for (allegedly) using serin gas while the Al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood should not be punished for using serin gas.
3. Bombing Assad will help Islamic "moderates" (whatever that is) secure the political power in Syria. The implication is that there are "good Muslims" and "bad Muslims" working together to overthrow Assad (Obama calls them "rebels")  and when Assad is weakened by King Obamas' army and the "rebels" take over, the ensuing fight for political rule in Syria between the "good Muslims" and the "bad Muslims" will be won by the "good Muslims." 
4.  Only America can "really" punish Assad.
5.  Obama has the right to start any war he wants whenever he wants.
6.  The peoples representatives (Congress) are sidelined in decisions about starting wars.  The military is "Obama's Military" not the United States Military. (A reflection of Obama's "king" complex.)
7.  Bombing Assad will, somehow, make it harder for other nations to secure chemical weapons.
8.  Bombing Assad will keep the Islamic-terriorists from terrorizing other parts of the world.
9.  No one would dare use chemical weapons again if we lobbed a few bombs towards Assad.
10.  If we bomb Assad then, somehow, Al-Qaeda (Assad's enemy and America's enemy) will be made weaker.
11.  America is not the world police, except in this case.
12.  America has done exceptionally good things in the past, so we should bomb Assad and the innocents around him in order to keep our good record.
13.  Russia and Iran will quietly watch us bomb Assad and not get involved, so we have nothing to worry about since Syria is too small to hurt us very much.
14.  The most important thing in the world at this time is that America punish Assad no matter what because Obama said Assad did a bad thing.
15.  The United States is the world enforcer of International law.  
16.  The death of any innocents (collateral damage) when the Syrian terrorists used serin gas and the death of innocents from Obama's bombs is acceptable while the death of innocents from the alleged use of serin gas by Assad's army is reason to bomb Assad.
Obviously, to get the above list I have read between the lines of Obama's speech.  When you are reading the words of a sociopath, you better do exactly that.  Sociopath's are both deviant and devious. They only write and speak "between the lines."  What is between the lines is their real message.  The sociopath will draw meanings from between the lines of their speeches to enact their will at a later date while they claim you "should have paid more attention" to their words.  So, pay attention!

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