Zev Porat

Saturday, May 17, 2014



  1. The problem with OAS's attendee's is that Harry and Ron McKinley wanted nothing to do with Facebook and Twitter. I told them over and over that we all need to open twitter accounts and start getting the word out and they all told me "we don't do twitter". They also wanted nothing to do with Facebook. I repeatedly told them we would get nowhere if we didn't all get on social media to get the word out. I was told I was a troublemaker for trying to push people and they eventually got rid of me.

    I was head of the video team and was in the process of setting up a huge video team to cover OAS 24/7 and my other friend at OAS was in the process of setting up a bugle drum fife corps, but he left a day or two before they booted me, because they had no clue what they were doing. They got rid of a lot of good people in the beginning and that is why they FAILED!

    1. It is ridiculous to hear that FB and Twitter was discouraged in such an event. The Arab Spring was successful due the the networking done by the demonstrators via Facebook. It only goes to prove that this was an attempt to make a laughing stock of patriots and constitutionalists by knowingly damaging chances of vast popular support using all forms of modern technology. Seeing poor participation the media and the world will ridicule this effort and consequently future such attempts will be discouraged. I already was suspicious of this Colonel and his choice of the name of the event as though Americans cannot be more original. Now, I am sure he was an Obama stooge working for the regime.
      The myriad tentacles of disinfo, misinfo, web of lies and illusions [eg- Sandy Hook] created by the Obama regime is mind-boggling and beyond the scope of normal human comprehension. This non-event was part of that lie is now evident. It is pathetic that the Americans have not found a way out of this entrapment even after six years of this regime.
      I am a sympathizing observer from India and cannot help commenting on such charades to fool your citizens.

  2. It is sad that America is scared or ignorant of what is to come of this country.