Zev Porat

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Zullo Blamed for Poor Attendance at Operation American Spring? Hear the LATEST on Investigation


  1. I was there on Fri-there were at least 1000 but Orly Taitz keeps claiming there were 40-also she just got another negative Judgment in one of her cases-in front of an Obama appointed Judge-she is acting like contolled opposition.

  2. They just appointed 7 new District Judges in AZ-speaking of A/Z tell them our Nation is in desperate need-we need for them to act-it may be too late already-

  3. A good effort, but we need more; a lot more.

    I'm hoping that Orly doesn't try to inject herself into A&Z's investigations. She prefers to go through the courts (an exercise in futility) where she keeps hitting stone walls, either because she wasn't prepared or her lack of experience as an attorney.

    The ineffective Congress is the way to go and I'm hoping that A&Z's info it so ironclad that they cannot ignore it.