Zev Porat

Thursday, October 23, 2014

The myth of Moderate Islam


Obama perpetuates the myth of "moderate Islam" because he knows what all astute Muslims know: Islam's most radical agenda for world conquest and violent subjugation or eradication of all others is largely dependent, if not wholly dependent, upon its intended targets belief that Islam is harmless.

Without this blindness on the part of its intended victims, who are more powerful, there is no advantage and no appeal, since naked Islam is repugnant to civilized peoples and Muslim countries lag far behind their civilized targets in terms of their development, militarily and otherwise. Thus, Islam cannot conquer anyone without their tacit invitation to do so – unwittingly, of course.

Islam needs the West to commit suicide so it can crow over the corpse and proclaim victory. In order to effect this suicide it must implement a pervasive program of ignorance and blindness in the West. Westerners must be blind-folded and taken to the edge of a cliff without knowing it by so-called moderate Islam, where they can be pushed over by real Islam, in a late revelation and betrayal.

So-called moderate Islam is the indispensable tool of conquest for real Islam, the sine qua non of its success. Once the myth of moderate Islam evaporates, all Islam's power to conquer its superiors, in terms of force, evaporates with it. Obama knows this. He knows this is the only way. And so he works tirelessly to preserve vile Islam's advantage, to perpetuate the myth of "moderate Islam".

Obama is the evil counselor inside the enemy's camp – the Taqiyya President, Islam's deceiver, like the very god of Islam, described by his deceitful "prophet" and originator, as the very best of all deceivers. (Quran 3:54)

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