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Sunday, October 26, 2014

UNDERSTANDING ISLAM Part One -- Six Questions Answered

I am a Christian. Despite Obama's wishful thinking that America is no longer a Christian nation, America is a Christian nation in three ways. First, there are multi-millions of Christians among us. Second, our judicial system is based on the laws and principles of the Bible. Third, the majority of Americans who would not call themselves Christian in faith hold to most Christian values. Therefore, for Americans to best understand Islam it is helpful to compare and contrast Christianity with Islam.  Christianity is America's understood foundation for faith and government. Islam is a faith of perverts and an oppressive political and social system.  "Islam" means "submit".  For the Muslim this means two things.  First, that everyone is to submit to their god, their religion and their politics or face jihad (persecution and/or death).   Second, every Muslim must submit to the dictates of Islam. 
This article deals with six questions.  First, are all Muslims followers of Islam?  The answer is yes, if one would say that all Christians are followers of Christ.  The answer is no, if one would say that not all Christians follow Christ.  In reality, no Christian follows Christ perfectly and some Christians have all but stopped following Christ.  Likewise, not all Muslims follow Islam perfectly and some Muslims have stopped following the principles of Islam almost completely.  Professing Muslims who do not follow the religion of Islam with a reasonable degree of devotion (accuracy) are called religious hypocrites.  Professing Christians who do not follow the principles of Christianity with a reasonable degree of devotion (accuracy) are called religious hypocrites.  All faith systems have the faithful and the hypocrites.

So, the question, "Are all Muslims followers of Islam?" is the wrong question because yes and no are both correct answers.  The answers are not flawed. The question is flawed.  The proper question is, "Are all faithful Muslims devoted to the dictates of Islam with a reasonable degree of sincerity (accuracy)?"  The answer to that is yes; just like all faithful Christians express their faithfulness with a reasonable degree of devotion (accuracy) to the dictates of Christianity.  
The second question is, is every follower of Islam a Muslim?  Answer: Yes.  In the same way that a follower of Christ is a Christian, a follower of Islam is a Muslim.  The word Muslim means "One who is submitting"and the implication is "submitting to the religion of Islam."  To become a Muslim a person says in a pubic setting, "Three is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his prophet."  
The third question is, are Muslims followers of the Lord Jesus Christ?  No!  In Islam, Jesus Christ is a prophet who was a forerunner for Muhammad in the same way that, in Christianity, all of the prophets of the Old Testaments were forerunners of the Lord Jesus Christ.  In Christianity, all of the Old Testament prophets prior to Jesus were imperfect human beings leading up to the perfect prophet, the Lord Jesus Christ.  In Islam, all of the prophets prior to Mohammad, including Jesus, were imperfect men who preceded the perfect prophet (Mohammad).  Muslims are followers of Mohammad in almost exactly the same way that Christians are followers of the Lord Jesus Christ.  In Islam, Mohammad was the perfect man in exactly the same way as the Lord Jesus Christ was the perfect human being.   If Jesus Christ were here in the flesh today, in the minds of Muslims, Jesus would be a devoted follower of Muhammad.  For Muslims, Jesus Christ is a Muslim.  Muslims are followers of Muhammad. Christians are followers of Christ.  Muslims honor Jesus Christ in the same way we honor Old Testament prophets and not one bit more; a flawed human being that spoke for God. However, the god of the Muslim is not the God of the Bible.  Muslims and Christians are NOT brothers in the same faith even though Islamic holy writings speak of some of the same people found in the Bible.  If I talked with you about your relatives, would that make me your relative? 

The answer to that question is, no.   The god of the Muslim is in 100% agreement with the perfect prophet Muhammad; therefore they need additional written material to take priority over the Bible.  For the Christian, the Lord Jesus Christ is in perfect agreement with the God (God the Father) of the Bible; therefore, our final authority for faith and living is the Bible.   Muslims honor their writings and only honor the Bible when the Bible is not contradictory to their (so-called) holy writings.  For the Muslim, the Bible is a flawed book and can only be authoritative when it agrees with their holy writings.  Therefore, the Bible, for the Muslim is irrelevant except as it can be misused to further Islam. 

These facts clarify Islam.  Muslims are followers of Islam; therefore, Muslim and Islam are synonymous. Muslims follow their concept of the perfect human example which is Muhammad, not the Christians' perfect human example, the Lord Jesus Christ. Muslims only reference the Bible when they can find a way to use it to promote Islam. 

The goal of Islam according to Islamic holy writings, is that every person in the world become a Muslim or experience jihad (persecution and/or death).  The persecution is to be tortured, raped, humiliated, subjugated, enslaved, taxed into abject poverty and/or killed.  Since the word Muslim and Islam are synonymous, then the religious and political goal of every Muslim is that every person in the world become a Muslim under Sharia Law (political Islam) or be tortured, raped, humiliated, subjugated, enslaved, taxed into abject poverty, and/or killed; these are Islam's holy writings' prescribed "righteous" penalties for rejecting Islam.  Therefore, according to Allah, every faithful Muslim is the sworn enemy of every non-Muslim.  Now, you know who the enemy is; you. Obviously, Muslim doctrine is demonic and faithful Muslims are demonic. When God put on flesh, He looked like Jesus.  Satan has many faces -- one is when Satan puts on flesh, he looks and acts like a devoted Muslim.  According to Muhammad (the Muslim's Christ), the war against all non-Muslims (and all unfaithful Muslims) must continue until Islam is the only faith accepted.  Islam has no "freedom of religion" concept. 
When a killer has a gun, the greatest threat to life is the killer, not the gun.  The gun is just the killer's ready tool.  The greatest threat to America is not Islam. The greatest threat to America are faithful Muslims. Islam is just the faithful Muslim's ready tool.

As hard as some might find this reality, it is reality none-the-less. Not to know it and live by this reality is sure disaster.  The first law of winning a war is to know who the enemy is.  Our fight is not only against demonic beings and principles, but against those who follow demonic spirits into battle against us.  If you can find a way to stop the sword from chopping off your head without dealing with the person with the sword, then do it. (Using Ephesians 6:12 here is a misapplication of the verse which I will deal with in another article.)  

Do you see why the sweetest sound to Obama are the prayers of Muslims? Do you now understand what Obama means by "fundamentally changing America" into a Muslim nation.  Do you now understand why President Obama (our representative to the world) bows in submission to a Muslim King?  Obama having trouble saluting the American flag and using a disrespectful military salute towards the US Military is starting to make more sense to you, isn't it?  Do you see why Obama wants open borders which allow the free-flow of Muslims into our country?  Can you grasp now why Obama used his first two-years in office to apologize to the world because of America's position of power and respect in the world?  Do you see why Obama is gutting the military of strength? Does is scare you now that Obama wears a wedding ring that states, "There is no God but Allah" knowing that Allah is both a religious god and a political god bent on world religious and political domination, and terrorizing all who have another god or political system?  Does it now bother you that Obama's wedding ring contains the statement used by all persons who publicly declare their full devotion to Allah, Islam and Muhammad?  Couple that with the fact that Obama has been proven to be a pathological liar. Now do you see why Obama went to a church where "Damn America" comes from the pulpit? Does it make sense now why Obama is doing everything in his power to destroy capitalism, the most powerful/successful economic system known to man?  Can you grasp why Obama is arming local police departments with military grade weapons and vehicles?   Do you understand why Obama wants to flood America with Muslims and only "slow down" ISIS rather than destroy them?    ISIS  (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) is angering America, the sleeping giant. Do you now see why Obama uses ISIL (which means the Islamic State of the Middle East, which includes Israel) instead of the more land-restrictive title of ISIS?   Do you see why Obama is not in support of Israel against ISIS?  Americans, and the free world are on the verge of waking up and doing something about our Muslim-planned doom before it is too late.  I hope we do. Hamas is verbally against ISIS only because ISIS is too forceful for our times, not because they are against the goals of ISIS. Hamas and ISIS are of one heart when it comes to world domination by their religion. They only disagree on two things.  One, are the military tactics; the degree of force for this time in history.  Second, each is fighting for first place rule in their new world order planned for America and the rest of the free world.   

Wake up, America.   America, Israel and/or Russia are the world's only viable hope to end the terror reign of Muslims.  The truth is in front of our eyes. Denying it will not make it go away. Accepting the Democrats lies about it will not change reality.  Humming the mantra "Islam is a religion of peace" will not keep women from being raped and sold into slavery or keep your head on your shoulders.

America is in big Obama-created trouble.   You better vote Republican on November 4th because the Democrat party has been bought by Muslims and/or silenced by fear of Muslims.  In addition, the Democrat White House is run by Muslims and those purchased with Muslim money and/or are too fearful of Muslims to act on our behalf.  There is hope for America if we act now. It does not take a majority; it only requires a vocal, informed and militant (uncompromising) minority!  "Our greatest defensive is an aggressive offense."  I do not know who coined that phrase, but it is a good one.
joda collins
Rev. Joda Collins
I make no claim that my views are shared by anyone else.

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