Zev Porat

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Beware Fake News Sites

Recently an "article" appeared on a website calling itself "Washington Post." The article went viral and claimed that Pope Francis said to a Vatican audience that, among other things, the Bible is no different than the Koran and Jesus, Muhammad, Allah, and JaHWeH were all essentially the same deity called by different names.

Even though the famous Washington Post is a legitimate news outlet the website url is not the same. The fake news site tricks people by adding .co at the end directing people to a different site with made-up news stories.

A similar site calling itself National Report commits the same journalistic atrocities.

So even though Pope Francis is not without controversy it appears his statements as outlined on both of those websites were never uttered. At least not on that occasion.

So, as it is with used cars and washing machines, buyer beware in a world full of miscreants and greedy hit trolls.

Poe's Law everybody. Question everything.

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