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Sunday, August 16, 2015


Homosexuality will be highly promoted (popular) throughout the world when Jesus returns to set up his Kingdom (Luke 17:28*).  Therefore, the increase of and the world approval of sodomy is the normal progress of the downward spiral of society's sinfulness that will bring back the Lord Jesus Christ in judgment to banish the wicked and set up his Kingdom of Earth. 
Certainly, in the last few years homosexuality has become more prevalent and is not only accepted by many, but demanded by many to be accepted by all.  Our President continues to shame America in many ways, including promoting sodomy at home and around the world.  The US Supreme Court ruled by one vote on June 26th, that sodomy is the law of the land. Every student of American government knows that ruling is unconstitutional.  However, we live in an age of unbounded dishonesty and extreme lawlessness (also signs of the end of this age).  Many of those who make the laws only pass and/or support laws they like.  Right has given way to wrong and good has given way to bad.  Beyond that, wrong is called right, right called wrong, good called bad and bad called good.  These are more signs of the end of this age.  
A lot of other things seem to be falling into place that those who study prophecy identify as signs of the end of this age and the soon coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. 
However, a warning is in order.  Beware of self-filling prophecies.  While the Bible clearly states that evil will rise to great heights at the end of this age, let us not take a defeatist attitude and give in to evil with the automatic assumption that the more evil there is the better because it may be a sign of the soon returning Christ.   Other generations have faced great evil and turned the tide of evil away:  The Renaissance, the Pilgrims escaping from England to form this great free nation, and the Reformation are but three times in history where evil was pushed back and good was ushered forward. Thank God the righteous of those historic periods did not give up on good and God but fought with their lives on the line for moral and biblical victory. 

Jesus may or may not be coming back soon, but until he does, we need to fight the good fight for our children and grandchildren.  The Christian is the salt and light of the earth.  Stay salty and keep your light bright.   It isn't over until it's over!  

joda collins

Rev. Joda Collins 
I make no claim that my views are shared by anyone else.

*Luke 17:28 note: While this verse does not specifically list homosexuality, every Bible scholar that I know or have read, past and present, is in agreement that the inference of rampant homosexuality during the end of this age is so strongly implied in this verse that most scholars take it as a given.  I am inclined to agree.  

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