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Monday, August 17, 2015

We Left The United States of Babylon by Johnathan Israel

by Connection Magazine Editor 
Jonathan Israel

This article reveals why we left America and what we've discovered in Panama. You're reading part one of an ongoing Connection Magazine exclusive featuring practical insights, warnings, advice and encouragement from Central America.

Many Americans are beginning to awaken to the dangerous fall of the USA as it morphs into a kingdom opposed to all that is true and right.

The following events have taken place in just the two weeks we've been gone; the Hindu goddess of DARKNESS and DESTRUCTION has been featured on the New York Empire State Building, the US Government continues to back Planned Parenthood's operation of killing babies after their operation of selling baby body parts was exposed, the Obama Administration now sides with the Islamic nation of Turkey in its attacks against Christian Kurds, the US has now covenanted to protect Iran against Israel, and a money loving heathen running for the office of US President has won the hearts of many Americanized Christians as their latest hope. 

We have undoubtedly made the right decision to leave Babylonian America. 

God is very patient and super kind, but He will NOT be mocked! His punishment will come to the US and has already begun by the removing of His hand of provision and protection. Droughts, famines, and pestilence along with the present threat of nuclear war are now upon America in increasing measure of reality. Greater frequency and greater intensity of judgments for her sins are on the way. Watch as crops, animals and man diminish from the land. 

Ezekiel 14:13, "Son of man, when the land sins against me by trespassing grievously, then will I stretch out mine hand upon it, and will break the staff of the bread thereof, and will send famine upon it, and will cut off man and beast from it:…"

A time of unsealed revelations is here! (see Daniel 12:4)

My wife and I were awakened by the Lord five years ago, and began receiving revelation knowledge and understanding of Jesus' (Yahshua's) plans in greater measure than in all our prior 30 years of Bible study and prayer.

The description of Daughter Babylon in Jeremiah chapters 50 and 51, describes current day America more than any other nation in modern history. Regardless of whether or not you believe that the USA has fallen and is now rising as Daughter Babylon, does not change the way that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob deals with such a covenant breaking nation found to be opposing Him and destroying His heritage.

Jeremiah 51:6, "Flee from Babylon! Run for your lives! Do not be destroyed because of her sins. It is time for the Lord's vengeance; HE will repay her what she deserves."

The USA has outlawed prayer and the Bible in public schools, where they now indoctrinate children with anti-Christ and atheistic doctrines.

America continues sanctioning the murder of over one million babies per year (now including the sale of baby body parts), and actively attacks the God ordained family unit of a mother and father, including their right to raise their children according to God's word and ways.

California now forces vaccinations on children and is prepping to legalize forced vaccinations on adults with a non-compliance penalty of imprisonment. This microcosm testing in California paves the way for forced vaccinations throughout the entire nation, to say nothing of US Government plans to place a microchip in every American's body.

America's courts increasingly attacks Christian owned businesses for not supporting homosexuality, and have recently made laws redefining God's covenant of marriage and His covenant land of Israel.

The fast morphing United Kingdom of America is just getting started and the persecution of Bible believing followers of Yahshua will increase to plundering and imprisonment, and for some it will end in death. Please consider what happened to the Jews in the '30's and '40's.

Meanwhile, the Lord invites His followers, who have ears to hear, to flee His wrath that is coming upon the USA (Jeremiah 50:8-10). And for those who need further encouragement to leave their comfort zone, true followers of the Lord have been invited to "go" into all the nations to preach the Gospel of Yahshua, and then the end will come (Mark 16:15, Matthew 24:14).

Meanwhile, carnally minded voices will encourage you to stay in the corrupt evil land of the rich and powerful, making unbiblical statements of doubt and unbelief such as "it does not make sense", "I don't understand it", "it's not practical".

Interestingly, once the Biblically illiterate openly confess their ignorance, they proceed to pretend to have the answer by spouting ideas, opinions and philosophies as to why someone should stay in the USA. They follow up their ignorance by attacking (with words of false predictions of trouble) those who are led by the Lord to flee the fallen nation of evil that opposes the Lord and destroys His heritage.

You need to walk by faith. If the Lord is not leading you to go by faith, is He leading you to stay by faith?

Don't leave the US if you do not have His leading, unction and faith to go. Conversely, do not stay without faith either. You need to know His will and only He can give you the faith and direction you need by His Holy Spirit.

Ultimately, Jesus (Yahshua) is your fortress and strong tower. He is to be your shelter and refuge above all. And when He is, you will then be able to follow Him anywhere He leads, and to stand where He leads you to stand. Never put your trust in nations or worldly leaders to save you. Follow Yahshua by faith and you will be in His perfect will. And if your move of faith is not the right one, He is faithful and true to redirect your steps.

We've recently been redirected to leave the US for a second time. After spending a terribly dry and unfruitful two years back in the USA, my wife Chris and I have quickly discovered God's favor and blessings, once again, in the two short weeks we've been here in Panama. 

Watch for future Connection Magazine Prophecy posts as I hope to be able to share practical insights of expatriating as well reveal the blessings, wisdom and knowledge of following the Lord by faith out of our comfort zone and into the end time harvest. 

Lord willing, I will share with you the awesome and great things Yahshua is doing here in Panama among believers, and I am compelled to be forthcoming and also warn you about the works that Satan is doing here in the name of Christianity.

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