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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Hillary Clinton on Campaign Finances: "we're falling a little short"


Following is an email from the Democrat Party today signed by Hillary Clinton:

The Democratic Party
Mary --
I'll keep this short because I know how much you already do for this team.
Today, I need to ask you to help Democrats out with a quick $3 or whatever you can while we still have the time to invest in key states and make absolutely certain we win this election.
We're falling short of our goals right now. But it's not because you're falling short.
We have set huge targets because the future we're fighting for is so important to me and to all of us. If we don't win in November, we stand to lose so much of what we love about this country.
Can you step up for me right now? It means the world to me -- and it will define the world we live in after November 8th.


So Hillary sounds a little worried about the financial state of the campaign. Little wonder when one looks at the rally attendance numbers compared with Donald Trump's numbers. There is one striking admission in this email however: "
it will define the world we live in after November 8th." That is true Hillary, and most Americans have no desire to live in a world run by YOU!

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