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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Ben Carson has lost his mind! Over BIRTHER Issue!

Carson sells out and shows his complete ignorance of this matter ...

CNN Host Jake Taper quipped to Carson, “As a factual matter, President Obama was born in the United States. Do you think it’s time for Donald Trump to acknowledge all that birther nonsense was all a mistake and to apologize so that African-American voters, to whom he’s reaching out, might be more willing to listen to his message?”

Carson answered, “I think that would be a good idea, absolutely.”
“I suggest that on all sides,” Carson continued. “Let’s get all of the hate and rancor out of the way so that we can actually discuss the issues.”


1. NO ONE has ever presented an official  BC copy of Obama's birth, complete with an official raised seal. Nor have they ever presented the original BC - NO ONE!  The only thing posted on the White House website was a COPY of "something." And that copy has been forensically (in a law enforcement investigation) shown to be fabricated forgery. It cannot be used to sign Obama up for a Little League team anywhere in the nation.

2. HI Gov. Neil Abercrombie (Dem. and friend of the Obama family) PROMISED that if elected governor he would personally use his power as governor and produce the original BC from the HI DOH in order to "end the birther controversy once and forever."  He was elected. He never produced it. He simply said he was "assured it was there." He was voted out after his first term.

3. Not a single Hospital in Hawaii (or anywhere else) officially claims, in any legal manner whatsoever, to be the bonifide birthplace of Obama.

4. Obama's own publishers claimed, in his official book biographical sketch, that we was "Born in Kenya and raised in Hawaii."  That bio statement remained in print (for 16 years) until Obama ran for president - then it was removed. The publishers said it was a "mistake."

5. Kenyan Ambassador Peter Ogego said in a nationally broadcast radio program that Obama was, "born in Kenya and everyone in Kenya knew the village in which he was born."  He later recanted his story and said he was "mistaken."

6. Obama's maternal grandmother said he was "born in Kenya" and that she was "present at his birth."

7. Obama's half-sister said he was "born in Kenya" and that she was also "present at his birth."

8. To date, there is not a home, hospital, medical clinic, nurse, doctor, or friend that has officially stated that they were the birthplace and/or they were present at this birth anywhere in the USA.  There is no monument erected or plaque hanging in any hospital or medical clinic anywhere in the USA claiming to be the birthplace of Barack Obama - The world's first black US President. What are the odds of that?

So...Mr. Tapper and Dr. Carson how do you get that, "It is a factual matter that Mr. Obama was born in the United States?"


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