Zev Porat

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

How Donald Trump Makes Mexico Pay for the Wall


According to the National Review, By 2009, the United States was importing tires from China at a rate of about 50 million per year. The United Steel, Paper and Forestry, Rubber, Manufacturing, Energy, Allied Industrial, and Service Workers International Union complained to the Obama administration that there was a "large, rapid, and continuing" increase in the number of Chinese-made tires entering American markets. In September of that year, Obama approved relief for domestic producers by increasing tariffs on most new tire imports for three years.

Also according to the same National Review article, the Chinese government imposed tariffs on poultry imports ranging from 50.3 to 105.4 percent which collapsed the chicken body parts export market by 90%. And even though the tariffs imposed by Obama created thousands of jobs in the US and stopped the flood of (some might argue inferior and dangerous) Chinese tires into the N American market, the National Review makes the bold declaration that the tariffs "did not go well."

However the National Review article goes on to make another bold assertion: "Trump's proposals would recreate the same results on a larger scale." Of course their attempt here is to cause fear with respect to the use of tariffs as a tool in the "Make America Great Again" arsenal, but for the truly free thinkers out there it has become all too clear that the globalist attempt to bring the entire earth under a one-world system run by the elites is only successful through the dilution of American wealth in order to prop up global economies, in other words, to "take from those that have and give to those that don't have for the sake of the common good." - even if that means flooding American roads with cars outfitted with poorly-made tires at a cheap price.


So - why does any of this matter with respect to the wall on the Mexican border? Here is one of many examples. The T800 Kenworth is a class 8 highway truck which used to be made exclusively with pride in the United States. Today we are increasingly seeing this model being imported from Mexico - built in Kenworth's plant in Mexicali Mexico. This truck will sell brand new anywhere from $120 thousand to $160 thousand USD or more depending on how it is outfitted and the amount of bling the buyer prefers. These trucks are expected to sell almost exclusively in the US and Canada with used trucks being returned to Mexico for Mexican use (as they are generally considered too poor to afford brand new units). Paccar, which owns the Kenworth brand, is using the cheaper Mexican labor to build trucks for use in the US. This meant high-paying jobs being lost to Mexico. 

And what about the car manufacturing plants moving to Mexico? High-paying jobs are lost in the US every time this happens. So when Donald Trump says "Mexico will build the wall" he doesn't necessarily mean they will hand over the millions of dollars that will take in cash. Donald Trump is shooting for the proverbial "two-fer." By imposing tariffs on high-end products built in Mexico one can only assume he is hoping to a) build a "wall fund" with that income and b) make it too costly for Paccar et al to keep their plants open in Mexico thereby bringing the jobs back to America - two promises he has made all along.

As for the probable "trade war" that will result with Mexico and anyone else caught raping the American economy under globalist rule, the likely response from Trump might very well be: "BRING IT!" Going to war with the largest economy on earth might not be so bad... for the largest economy on earth. Mexico might be more willing to pay for the wall in advance than many people realize.

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