Zev Porat

Friday, September 16, 2016


This Just in: the DNC just sent out this email blast slamming Donald Trump, using a proven fraudulent document as proof that Barack Obama is an American, born in Hawaii. The trouble is, the Maricopa County (Phoenix, Arizona) Sheriff's Office has concluded through an exhaustive forensic investigation, that the document posted to the White House Website and reproduced below by the DNC was/is a fraud. We have redacted the donate buttons for your safety.

Let's get something straight, Mary:

No matter what Donald Trump said today, he can't change the fact that he fed into the absurd, racist birther movement for five years.

He can't change that his entire campaign was founded on this lie -- which has given a national stage to the worst conspiracy theorists of the alt-right.

As recently as this week Trump would not say that Barack Obama was born in the United States. So nothing he said today -- no scripted remarks written by his campaign advisors -- will fool anyone.

We know what Donald Trump really believes. Pitch in to make sure he never becomes president:

Thank you,


Brandon Davis
Chief of Staff
Democratic National Committee

P.S. -- And Donald, if you're reading this:

President Obama's birth certificate

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  1. Vote Trump/Pence 2016.

  2. Hawaii said he was not born their back in 1961 as they coaught his grandmother;s ruse before it was certified. State law passed as a result of what she did.al o my sites and in manuals at SSA since then and nationwide effort to get hospitals to lock up the blank state form Senate aide said that TRUMP CAN GET HIS REAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE FROM FORBES AIR FORCE BASE HOSPITAL NOW AS ITS A MILTARY RECORDS AND HE HAS HIS SECURUTY CLEARANCE NOW This I a lynching case as his parents and he were to have all been lynched in 3/61. Ann said Jim T Parks, his dad, according to them fought back so she could get away and she ran for help, and got it and three died that day in Topeka Ks making fun of all of this is deepening the deep hurt as every one knew and the shame of lynching was like the shame of crucifixion back in Biblical times and it hurting race relations and not helping it Its the victims and loved ones taking the shame on themselves when the shame is the evil of others who would do such a thing to others His grandmother never wanted him to know. and the media admitted they had the Topeka info back in 08 and suppressed it Some good people at the lynching project in headquartered in Alabama need to be contacted as they have worked with healing of the past and Kansas needs to expand it through 3/61 and have some healing as things are not good. Rosa Parks lost members of her extended family that day in 3/61 and its time to face the past and stop covering it up . Some may still be alive to be brought to justice, But the projuect has a good idea and are putting plaques to remember the victims as I have no idea where the three were buried as they were forgotten except for my dad's op ed in the evening paper in 5/62 "'bodies washed up on a sand bar and one had a rope around his neck " Jim was written out of the history of Topeka HS and his picture removed and another pasted over his on the winning football team. I do not think some now know how things really were when there is active protest on events that are bad but far less than a hooded deatlh squad terrorism a city against blacks as well as any whites who were not discriminatory for in 5/61 I was nearly murdered and only by a Divine force moving my body I would have died.. Rev Tracy Hardy my dad also married the Obama's in 6/61 to give him a name but they did not live together I ever knew of The truth is real and we are being tested by the Almighty how this is handled. Its far more than a birth certificate but since it does involve a president who is the first one to have been lynched due to his skin color, and some retaliations against the Rosa Parks as her family became very vulnerable as she had media attention to protect here and the rest of the family did not and then a young couple of her family became an interracial couple and after knowing each other for a couple of years, they got themselves pregnant after a year of terrible harassment so back neither were in school Today they would be filing multimillion dollar law suits and attorneys lined up toke their case. NOT THEN!Evil exists! and we need to face it and not cover it up as them it overcome us rather than we over come evil Linda Joy Adams