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Friday, September 16, 2016


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Yesterday, September 15, 2016, Hillary called Donald Trump a bigot because he would not say he was convinced that Obama was born in Hawaii in spite of the fact that Obama spent nearly two-million dollars to seal his birth records and, under pressure, finally produced a document that raised credible red flags regarding its validity.  

You have to produce a certified copy of a birth certificate to get a driver's license (at least you did before Obama became President), but Obama would not produce, upon initial request a certified copy of his birth certificate in order to run for the office of President?  Why?

Second, Obama's wife states that Kenya (Africa) is the "home-country" of B. Obama.

Third, to the best of my knowledge there is no hospital in Hawaii that openly claims B. Obama was born there.   

Fourth, one thing we know for sure about Obama is that he is a chronic liar.  
The most famous lie is, "If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor."  

Fifth, the doctor shown on the photo of the birth certificate provided by Obama claims the birth certificate is invalid.  

Sixth, there remains doubt whether B. Obama's social security number and selective service number are actually his (valid)!!!

Seventh, the Founding Fathers made it illegal for a person not born in America to be the President of the United States (exempting the original generation, obviously) for reasons.

     A.  A person born outside of the United States of America will not have the sense of pride in America that is needed to lead our great nation.   Obama has proven he not only lacks pride in America, he has disgust for America and Americans (you). 

     B.  A person not born in America will be less likely to defend America.  Obama has done all he can to weaken our military and strengthen our enemies.  

     C.  A person not born in the USA will be less likely to share the love of our culture and moral values.  Obama set out to "fundamentally change" America.  He has done that. America is on the path of becoming an Islamic nation and, regarding morals, by Obama dictate men can now use women's/girls restrooms and boys shower with girls. (Just a couple of many examples.)

Obama has met every criteria feared by the Founding Fathers, that would come from a traitor to the USA.  There is no doubt about it, a traitor has occupied the Office of the President of the United States since 2008.  

In light of all of this, who but a stupid person or who but a liar would openly announce that he or she is "sure Obama was born in America."  At best, to believe that B. Obama was born in America is an opinion.  Hillary is intolerantly devoted to her opinion that B.O. was -- and she is intolerant towards others who do not agree with her.  So intolerant that her position is that anyone who does not hold per opinion that B. O. was born in America does not qualify to run for the office of President!  

The bigot in Hillary's speech is Hillary not Donald Trump.   A bigot is "a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices...."

Donald Trump is the gracious person of the two because he does not state that Hillary should be disqualified from running for the office of President because she does not share his opinion about the birthplace of the greatest traitor in American history since Benedict Arnold.  Hillary is the bigot. 

I do not know if B.O. was born in Hawaii or not. At this point in time, even if he was not, all it proves is that Obama is a liar and democrats and RINO'S are in the tank for (on take from/because of) Obama.  Those facts have long been established by other overwhelming evidence.  In these days of sophisticated lies on the Internet and supposed validating web sites that have lost their credibility, all I can say is what would have been easier and cheaper for Obama to have done -- pay the $28.50 to get a certified copy of a birth certificate or pay nearly two-million dollars to keep his (real) birth certificate from becoming public?  Why didn't Obama want to disclose the truth?  It may be the boldest evidence that Obama was not born in America are the words of Obama himself.  

Today, September 16th, Trump stated that "Obama was born in America."  Why would he do that?  The Clinton machine wants to detract from substantive issues to this, now, secondary issue.  The major damage is done by Obama.  Originally, the whole idea was to prove Obama was not qualified to serve as President so we could get him out of office and get someone in who loves America (or, at least, hates America less) and would not try to destroy America using the power of the Executive Branch. Too late!  Now that it is too late to remove Obama before he does major damage, the origin of his birth, for the purpose of the next election is a moot point. So, Donald Trump says he was born in America to get that controversy out of the way. That is smart. 

"New analysis from the Washington Post removes any doubt that the anti-Obama Birther movement was started in 2007 and 2008 by Hillary Clinton, her campaign, and her Democrat Supporters."  
Source:  http://www.breitbart.com/big-journalism/2015/09/26/washington-post-confirms-hillary-clinton-started-the-birther-movement/ 

Hillary Clinton wants to destroy Trump because Trump, along with about 25 to 50% of Americans, are not convinced that Obama is a citizen.  I guess that 25 to 50% are in Hillary's basket of deplorable's.  (In case you forgot already, simply stated -- a "deplorable" is someone who does not agree with Hillary Clinton.)  Trump wants to make America great again. Which candidate has the welfare of America at heart and sees the important issue at hand?

Regarding whether the question of if the birth place of Obama was outside the USA was started by the Clinton machine may be a matter of opinion based on best evidence and not provable.  However, in the absence of absolute proof are you entitled to your opinion?  Isn't Donald Trump entitled to his?  Absolutely. Should you or Donald Trump have to apologize because you have an opinion contrary to someone else. Absolutely not.   That is bigotry!  That is Clintonian. The Clinton's are the bigots. 

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