Zev Porat

Friday, September 16, 2016

Mike Zullo on the Trump/Obama/Clinton Birthergate! "This Changes Nothing"

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  1. TRUMP TRAPS LYIN MEDIA AS THEY EMBELLISH HIS REMARKS. now that he has his security clearance he must have gotten the real info our o Topeka or some other close source, etc. ABC NEWS ADMITTED TO ME THIS WEEK THAT IN 08 THEY HAD BOTH NEWS PAPER BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENTS , HAWAII , IS GRANDMOTHERS FAILED ATTEMPT TO GET IT CERTIFED THERE, BUT DID GET NOITICE AND NEWSPAPER, AND A NEW STATE LAW FOR HOSPITALS TO LOCK UP TheiR BLANK FORMS AND THE REAL ONE BACK IN Topeka THIS IS A JUSTICE ISSUE FOR THE 3 DEAD AND IS NOT GOING AWAY. and three who almost died, his mother and he unborn also in 3/6q and I in 5/61 when it was learned my parents had gdnshp of my dad's 15 year old pregnant great niece A TERRIFIED CITY WITH A DEATH SQUAD RUNNING AROUND AND A COVER UP TO THIS DAY and no one wants to face the truth that Kansas needs a lynching project worse than the deep south.... LINDA joy Adams

    1. A senate aide confirmed today that Trump can now find out about a military hospital birth since he has his security clearance. I am 80% sure Ron Paul is the doctor who delivered Pres. Obama as another party whose had a birth at the time had him as her doctor I wrote an article last night in my daily recap WHY DEMS ARE LOSING THE BLACK VOTE. They have known the truth but the media has suppressed it just as evil does. The lynching project only goes thorugh 51 but it needs to go through later years in KS and when a plaque is laid where 3 died in Topeka then healing and over coming as Christ calls us to do can occur. Until then evil will create death squads to terrorize of one kind or another Thanks for posting my comment . and call me for any more info. Linda Joy Adams