Zev Porat

Friday, September 16, 2016

Carl Gallups on the GENIUS of Trump's Birther Announcement!

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  1. TRUMP AGREES WITH YOU HE NEVER SAID HAWAII WHERE THE BIRTH NEVER GOT CERTIFIED. ABC NEWS ADMITTED YESTERDAY THEY HAD THE 2 BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENTS FROM PAPERS IN 08 AND NEVER ASKED HIM .NEVER DID THEIR JOB! NOW ON TO TOPEKA AND JUSTICE FOR HIS LYNCHED DAD JIM T PARKS AND 2 OTHER WHO DIED IN 3.61. AND SOMEONE DID SOMETHING ILLEGAL IN 2012 AS THE NOTICE OF BIRTH WAS NEVER CERTIFIED IN '61 AS HIS GRANDMOTHER'S RUSE GOT CAUGHT. Maybe Trump will join the lynching project and blacks will learn he is more of a friend of their rights and better future than the failed policies of the Clintons. TRUMP TRAPS MEDIA AND MOST HEARD HIM SAY HAWAII AND HE DID NOT. I think he has gotten some access with this security clearance now I am 80% sure Ron Paul is the doctor at the birth. and maybe he is allowed to tell of a military birth to him now as he surfaced soon afterward Linda Joy Adams

  2. MEDIA AND HILLARY TRAP .TOPEKA KS IS IN THE USA AND ABC ADMITTED TO ME YESTERDAY THEY HAD THE 2 IDENTICAL BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENTS AND NEVER ASKED POTUS ABOUT THEM. AND HE DID NOT KNOW AND STILLTHINK HE DOES NOT. I CANNNOT GET PAST VALORIE JARRETT SO WHO HAS BEEN PRESIDENT? This is a lynching case and Hillary should have ben helping get some justice for Jim T parks and the 2 others that died in 3.61 plus the attempted murder of his mother and he unborn and in 5/61 I had an attempt on my life that only by divine miracle am I alive as something moved me to turn just as the 'missile' would have crushed my skull just because my family had gdnshp of my dad's great pregnant 15 year old niece. Linda Joy Adams

    1. update A senate aide confirmed Monday that TRUMP COULD FIND OUT ABOUT A MILITARY BIRTH ONCE HE HAD HIS SECURITY CLEARANCE. and the media did not listen well HE SAID USA BORN , NOT HAWAII AS ITS A MATTE OF PUBLIC RECORD THAT HIS GRANDMOTHER;S RUSE GOT CAUGHT BEFORE THE RECORD WAS CERTIFED This is all about the shame of lynching where the victims and family feels shame and should never ..but did and do. This 3/61 case is just the one to heal a nation as the one attempted lynching victim grew up to be president and might have been a better one if he had known the truth.. His grandmother was a hard woman to like and she has no history before 1943 I have been able to locate when her family showed up in Colorado near where my cousin and family lived. LINDA JOY Adams