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Sunday, September 11, 2016


9-11 will never be forgotten. The question is, how will it be remembered in America?

We should never forget that 9-11 was the result of those who follow the dictates of Islam.  The Muslims that flew the planes into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon were not acting out of accord with Islamic goals found in the Koran, but in accordance with Islamic goals found in the Koran. The Koran mandates the torture, destruction and/or death of every non-Muslim.  The culture, society or country that is the next target of any devoted Muslim is the valid Allah-ordained target of a Muslim holy war.  It is a holy war to the Muslim because their holy book demands every non-Muslim be targeted. It is our turn in America.  Those who convert to Islam are spared and those who do not convert to Islam are worthy of death. This is Muslim evangelism. These things are not my opinion. These are facts. 

Americans should consider every adult Muslim with the capacity to read and understand their holy book to be an enemy of America.  This is just simple deduction. It is elementary logic.  

To be a Muslim one must commit to honor the Koran and the Koran demands that the entire world become Muslim or face excessive taxation, torture and/or death. Therefore, devoted Muslims are to be committed to your demise by direct blood-warfare or cold war tactics.  We are at war with Islam because Islam declared war on America. That declaration of war became official on 9-11-2001.  We are not hateful to go to war with Islam and Islamists, we are defending ourselves.  If only one side fights in a war, that side is guaranteed to win.

Our borders are open, Islamists are flooding across those open borders.  Dearborn Michigan is the face of America in 50 to 75-years if we do not defeat Islam in America now. If we do not defeat Islam in America now, 9-11 will be forgotten as a tragedy and be celebrated coast to coast and boarder to border as a victory given by Allah when it was nothing more than Americans doing nothing about Islam and Islamists among us in this present generation. 

What can we do?  Step one is to understand that every adult Muslim is your sworn enemy.  Step two, treat them like a wartime enemy.  Step three, become educated about Islam. Islam will not go away if we ignore it or lie to ourselves about its dangers.  It will spread, intensify and consume.  

Step four, become active in the fight against the Islamization of America in whatever ways you can find to do so.  It will cost you to do so. Step five is to pay that price.  

How will 9-11 be remembered by your great grandchildren? That is up to you.  

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