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Thursday, September 8, 2016


Islam has three major tiers.

1.  The enforcement body (police and courts).
They enforce Sharia Law and lead the efforts to take over societies, towns, states and countries. Sharia Law is the political arm of Islam that uses religious language to promote their political agenda of world domination by any and every means: political, social and/or war.  This also includes those who protest Islamic violence here and there. This is their PR section of the enforcement body.  
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Z5nsniBb7I (Caution:  Murder on tape.)  

2.  The faithful followers/supporters of the enforcement body.
This is the larger part of the silent majority.  These are Muslims who do nothing about the enforcement of Sharia Law or the Islamic take over of cultures, societies and countries.

3. The hypocrites. 
Those who would not be Muslim if they knew the Koran or were old enough, brave enough or mature enough to make a decision for themselves.  This is the smaller portion of the silent majority.

It is a grave (deadly) mistake to consider Islam a religion. Religion is the Trojan horse used to promote their political agenda of world conquest. 

Islam (Muslims) have done the some thing for 1,400 years.  They infiltrate, demand rights to self-govern even though their government is contrary to the laws of every decent society. In addition they demand cultures they infest change to accommodate their government (Sharia Law).  

Every culture that has invited these filthy degenerates (Muslims) into their society have regretted doing so, and died unless they declared war on them, fought and won.  

The wise do not invite the enemy into their home.   DemorcRATS and RINO Republicans are not wise.  The sad reality is that DemocRATS and RINO Republicans are infesting our society with these animals called Muslims.
If HiLIARy is elected President, you can expect millions of them crawling into America, demanding that you become Muslim or die.  That is what they do, always.  There will come a day when the police leave you town and leave you with Muslims.  Of course, you will leave first. Where will you go where HiLIARy's Muslims are not already there?  

It is suicide to vote for HiLIARy or not vote for Trump. Be smart, not dead.

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Rev. Joda Collins
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